Wednesday, December 29, 2010

She Says...

This is my daughter on her first day of first grade this year.
If you know her, you will know that this is a typical face she makes. She loves making the thumbs up sign when she likes something, too. I think it is adorable.
For the past two days she has been saying the darndest things. I wanted to record them here in my special space so I'll never forget them.
She is experiencing a growth spurt lately...specifically in the intellect which is exhibited by her curiousity and all the amazing thoughts she has been having.
"I'm really excited about being a grown-up...except I don't like the part about dying.
I don't want to be ninety. But I wanna be a grown-up. Twenty is the age I wanna be. It's half way between a kid and a grown-up."
"You make a good mom. You just do."
"I've gotta go into business. I could sell snowcones or lemonade. I think we'll do lemon snow cones. That's in the middle."
Wasn't I smart today? How I investigated my butt. Since I was five, I was always curious about what the inside of my body looked like. "
"Look how big my heart is. See how big it is? That's because I'm so kind."
I love you, my little girl.
What a blessing to be by your side...

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Handmade for the Holidays...

This is an old image...maybe from two years ago or so. I would love to post photos of what I've been up to in terms of "elving," but my iphone is not uploading properly and I've been too busy/lazy to try and solve the problem.
This year, I decided to take the pressure off myself as far as crafting for everyone in our lives. I decided to set a reasonable budget and shop within set boundary. It actually worked out and for the first time I'm not completely stressed. It has felt nice to just enjoy and not rush to complete projects. Truth is, I'm just really exhausted this year. Our lives have been fun-busy...but this mama is tired.
Here are a few links to things I've made for our sweet loved ones so far:
(My first!!!) Arigurumi-Heloise the Hen
one of these fabric ornaments
Now the only thing left is some cookie making later in the week.
This Christmas season, I am missing my sweet Grandfather terribly.
The holidays just don't feel the same without him...