Friday, May 31, 2013

Bonjour, Juin!

This photo was taken last June when we went to spend the day at my beautiful SIL's 
beautiful Mama's house. Her and her partner's house is set in the most tranquil, luxurious 
community; surrounded by gardens and yes, they have a lovely pool.

Last summer, my Willow gained so much confidence in the water! 
She is all ready for her formal lessons this summer, too.

Last summer was the summer I dubbed, "Our Summer of Love," because that is 
truly what it was. It was the BEST summer in so many incredible ways:
We loved, we grew, we traveled, we rested, we explored, we played and created A LOT.
We sang a lot of kirtan and we played a lot of musical instruments while we were at it.

This June we will be kicking off our summer with a calendar that is already packed with Sunshine:
My Willow will be getting an award and honored at a very special brunch this weekend! 
I could not be more proud of her!

My precious Grandmother's birthday...such a blessing. 

Wonderlust Yoga in the City! Whoo Hoo! Can not wait to join in the 
L.O.V.E. with so many other yogis!

Birthdays and more birthday parties to attend & celebrate.

A very special concert to attend with my dear brother.

Finally attending Smorgasbord with my love. And more time together at Ganesha Temple, Oneness Fountain, our secret art museum & biking in the North Fork together.

Kundalini! Looking forward to so much more time to attend the center, practice, learn,
meditate and to ELEVATE!

Swimming holes that we discovered and are ready to explore further in our magical place
in the woods.

I have a feeling this summer we are going to continue to grow all of the 
seeds of the body, heart, and soul that we planted and cultivated
& cared for 
last summer.

Summer of Love Deux
here we come. 


Thursday, May 30, 2013

"In a Land Far, Far, Away..."

My Love & My Light at Sivananda 

Once Upon A Time...
I met a person that I must have known in a different life
because I recognized him from....somewhere.

We shared a connection.
We filled those gaping holes our parents tore through us.
We patched each other up and we made it better...
for a short while.

And that first night we talked about having a child
because that was one of the important reasons
we were brought together.

And so she was created.
The most wonderful collaboration of us and 
our Almighty Creator of the Universe
Maker of all things
the Earth, Sun, Moon, Stars

And so she is here
and she grows.
And she  has the purest heart I have ever known.
I am so honored that Almighty 
entrusted me with her life.

Every day I am given the blessing of watching this Willow grow.
Every day I love and she loves
and we grow

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Random Thoughts on Food

(I love how she does this with her favorite green olives.)

-Even an organic lemon tastes better, so yeah...I'm buying 
organic produce ONLY. I've decided that for our family, for our quality of 
life and overall health, it is the best decision...and totally worth it. 

-I reluctantly visited the local nutritionist/kinesthesiologist back in January.
I knew it would be a costly endeavor, and nothing was promised, 
but I had tried every thing else (medically speaking) and needed to get to the bottom of the food
allergy issue.

I couldn't say more about this intuitive, intelligent healer. Even her office is different in every way.
Turns out gluten is the big culprit for me...along with some other suspects that I was
already aware of. I've been gluten free since then, and I feel and look better
than ever.
Recently, I tried sneaking some gluten back into my diet and it was not pretty. 
I'm gluten-free and staying that way. Turns out it's actually a lot easier than I thought. 
There are so many gluten-free options out there for us GF's! 

-Canned beans are great in a pinch and we use them weekly, but I've been
taking the time to rinse and soak my beans in the morning while I make breakfasts
and our lunches. By the time I reach home they are ready to cook. 
The taste pay-off (and cost) are quite noticeable. I love the texture 
and flavor so much better! 

Thank you Great Creator for all of the food that sustains and nourishes us all! 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Teatro de Mexico

I wanted to add a photo to this post and maybe I will... tomorrow.

I came upstairs on the later side this evening. Little Girl should have been in bed already,
but the school year's coming to an end and the light outside at 8:15pm doesn't help any.

All bets are off when it comes to the target 8pm bedtime lately. It's okay. She's such a sweetheart
and only gets a little grumpy once in a blue moon.

Tonight, she had set up the Teatro de Mexico on the floor in my room...the one her paternal grandmother gave her as a gift for one of the holidays. She was a little young at the time to fully enjoy it, but I put it aside in our art cabinet because I knew one day she would love it.

She had the three room/backdrops set up and all of the paper dolls posed in each "room." She was
playing on the floor with the dolls when I came up. She just looked so innocent and content. I didn't
like enforcing the bedtime but I know she is tired and so am I.

The new interest in the theater is sparked by a favorite "Monster High" doll who is fashioned
after a Day of the Dead sugar skull design, but I'm still glad she is finally playing with it and enjoying it.

The quiet playing in the evening hours is something I will miss as she grows up.

My Girl, you have given me so many sacred that only I have been blessed to witness. Organically, spontaneously, you live and express, you love and share, and imagine and create. You have given me so many precious moments that could never be put into words. They are simple and they are so special to me.

They are born from you joyously living your life...your life with me...our life together.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Willow & Other Random Thoughts on a Spring Friday

One of my favorite pictures of my girl from last spring. 
We went to a dinner meeting at the local museum and we were both in awe
of these butterflies. Later that week, I had a butterfly tattooed on my right wrist.
The design is for Hawaii, my mother, my daughter, butterflies, dreaming, 
freedom, flight, breathing, and all delicate, lovely, things that float on air.

Today, lots of random thoughts floating around. So glad I still have this space to come 
to and jot it all down. Thinking about hiring a designer and giving this little space
a renovation. I'm also considering buying a really nice camera for myself. I've been falling
in love with photography again. For me, it's all about the color and the narrative
of the photo. That's why I love this one. It captures her. I loved her long hair.
We just cut it again. China-doll bob. She looks more like
the baby version of herself again.. Last year, I called her my "Willow." 
My girl from a seventies post card.

Thinking about...
Summer vacation finally in my sight...Last day of classes June 10. 
Plans for all of our weekends until we go on our first of a few vacations. 
So many new things too: Reiki/Energy healing, Kids Yoga, exploring places
we haven't been to before. Lots of ART: Making, Seeing, DOING.
Thinking of: Him. Always him. His skin. His hair. The way he knows me.
Reading so many books...too many to count; all at usual. Some titles: Cannery Row, Mutant 
Message Down Under, The Life History of a Star, & Patanjali & Ayurvedic Yoga.
Sculpting again with craft-store clay. Lots of animals, eggs, body parts & mandalas.
Purging clothes and all things no longer used, loved, or needed in our home. Feels amazing!

This day is lovely, comfortable. 
Enjoying a new favorite waffle sandwich. Yes, sneaking gluten again. 
Waffles, Earth Balance, Ground Flax, Strawberry-Apple Puree
washed down with a cup of an organic coffee that actually has flavor! Yum.

Later tonight, we kick off this weekend with my girl's Spring Concert.
She will be singing and playing recorder. 
I will drink in every moment.
Loving this Spring.

Thursday, May 16, 2013


It was a kick-off my shoes, feel the cool grass on my bare feet kinda day.
Today I celebrated myself. 
It was an average day...only with sprinkles on top. 
It was my kind of day, just the way I like it.
Woke up bright and early. Saw the sun come up.
Drank a glass of my favorite juice.
Crawled back in bed and dozed off for a little bit.
Woke up my girl when the familiar song of the alarm rang once again, softly.
"Happy Birthday, Mommy." 
She never forgets. It's always the first words out of her mouth: 
Merry Christmas.HappyValentine'sDay.HappyEaster.
Whatever Holiday. Whatever Special Day...
My sweet, sweet, girl knows. She always knows.
Always give love. 

Saw him bright and early. 
Listened to some music.
Walked to work and enjoyed all the 
Happy Birthday Miss's.
The singing...the smiles. 
Love those kiddos. 

Later, after a good day's work...
meditation...always meditation. 
Free-floating joy suspended on the thick, airy 
clouds of my comforter.
Get up.
Dress up.
Meet up.
Favorite Indian Spot.
Comic Books.
Cranberry Candles.
Living. All rolled into one
E X H A L E!

Topping it all off cuddling on the couch watching 
season finales while she sleeps in her bed,
the one she jumped into way too late.
Hope she passes those tests tomorrow.
There wasn't too much studying.

There was a whole lot of living and celebrating.
My day. 
It was perfect.

Thank you, Heavenly Father.
Praise God.

Monday, May 13, 2013

No Recipes Required

I'm so happy today's temperature allows for a soup-making day for us. Monday nights can be busy. It's the night I post the weekly homework for all of my students. Later in the evening, there are other weekly obligations to fulfill. It is a cool, breezy day outside where long-sleeves and sweatshirts were required. I set out to start preparing dinner in the kitchen and instinctively grabbed our large workhorse of a pot and was making soup before I knew it. Throw in some oil, chop some onion, throw it in, carrot next, kale, cabbage, some frozen mixed veggies, some dried lentils and wild rice...Stir, stir, stir. Add some spices and add the veggie broth and wine...Stir, stir some more. Chop and add fresh parsley. Now it's bubbling away on our stove top and the house smells heavenly. Little girl asked for some organic nuggets till soup's ready because the smell is making her hungry! Can't say I can blame her.

I've realized in the past few weeks that I can pretty much make delicious soups, stews, and cookies without recipes. I feel like shouting, "Look Ma, no hands!" It's a pretty great feeling to know that I am only referring to cookbooks or online recipes these days when I'm in need of creative inspiration or some flavor/ingredient compatibility. Really loving vegetarian dishes now that the weather is warming up. On my list of restaurants in the city to visit: Caravan of Dreams (for the umpteenth time!), Pongal (Great veggie-Indian), & Alta. In Queens right next to my beloved Ganesha Temple...there is Sri Chimnoy's delicious and delightful Oneness Fountain Heart Cafe that I am yearning to revisit.

In more food related news, I'm looking forward to the return of our local farmer's market this week and with the new juicer for my birthday, I'm excited about smoothies and green juices in the very near future.

Any culinary delights to share?

Saturday, May 11, 2013

There Is A Season...


Waiting for someone to die is not easy.
It lays there dormant inside your mind and heart but comes out in strange ways.
Somewhere I hit the pause button. 
It has effected sleep and effected future planning. 
Fear slips in unexpectedly and builds a nest within while I sleep. 

The co-sleeping has quelled it a bit. 
When I wake up, I role over and see your sleepy shadow
and I drift back into the lead-like dreams.
They are neither good or bad. 
They are just what they are.

Hearing someone's strong voice weaken and breathless
is a sound that frightens me.
I have never been good or graceful in this area.
I want to be.
I've been praying for strength.
I have been reminding myself that I practice.
Sat Nam.
Om Tat Sat.

All is Truth.
We are Eternal.
There is nothing to fear.

All of Life is Love.
All of Life is Beautiful.

Waiting for someone to die is not living 
in God's grace and knowing 

Today, I will try to live
& breathe
my practice.

Today, Lord
help me not to slip and forget 
your Truth.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Kinda CoSleeping

A big, comfey queen-sized bed with a twin mattress on the floor alongside works out just fine for all of us.
Love having my girl back in our room and I think she is much more secure and settled, too.
Co-sleeping, but not in the same bed. As with most things "parent," it's about what is right for your family.
There is no "one size fits all" model.

Today, a co-worker told me she is scheduled for her second child's birth, a c-section. She said something that really hit home with me. "I could have tried to go VBAC, but what for? So I can do this? (And she reached back and made the patting herself on the shoulder motion) and then said, "Yeah. Who cares?"

I love her for that. Natural birth vs. C-section. Breast vs. Bottle? Who cares? Really and truly.
Anyone who gets caught up in that or thinks they deserve a pat on the back for their individual choice
is missing the point. No one wants their baby "ripped from their womb," (long story about that one.) As my then MIL said to me, "The goal here is having a healthy baby."

My goal is always to have a healthy, strong, secure who knows she is loved and cared for and has a positive sense of herself as a result. If co-sleeping gives her more peace of mind, then co-sleeping it is. We're happy.