Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Silly Girly Slumber-Party Type Fun

I don't know why I'm such a sucker for these MEME's. I still don't know what MEME stands for but hey, it is still fun to read these bursts of random info from people. Since I have another day off tomorrow, I'm posting two in one day.
Yippee for having too much time to myself!

My Foundation: Physician's Formula Organic Wear Tinted Moisturizer

My Mascara: Maybelline Great Lash, Black

My Blush: Fresh Air

My Lipstick: Burt's Bees Tinted Lipbalm in Fig or Raisin

My Essential Beauty Product: WATER!

My Favorite Makeup Products: Good Old Fashioned Noxema Skin Cream and Benefit's Boi-ing! Concealer

My Shampoo: Alternate between a homemade recipe and Aubrey Organics

My Perfume: Cinnamon Essential oil or a combo of Bergamot and Anise Oils combined. For special occassions, Goddess Body Oil by Carole's Daughter, NYC.

My Nails: Oh, my horrible nails! Trying to give them more love with a manicure once in a blue moon.

My Hands: Vaseline, if I think of it.

For Blemishes: Tea Tree Oil

Three products to bring on a deserted island: My tinted moisturizer that contains sunscreen,
Dr. Bronner's Castille Soap, coconut oil (for my hair and body)

Women I Admire for their Beauty: My mother, Lucille Ball, Kate Bush, Jane Birkin, Annette Strean, Eva Green, Martha Stewart

Woman with the Best Sense of Style: Bjork

My Ultimate Dream: To be a strong, healthy woman who is living up to her full potential, loving and being loved.

I'm tempted to tag Renee, Jenn, Jo-Jo, Kristin, and Arlene, but I won't put you girls on the spot!

Please play along if you'd like or feel free to offer your favorites!

Past and Present

Two years ago, when things were kinda falling apart between Cub's Dad and I, I began a small series using vintage cards I found in my grandmother's basement.
These cards were all sent to me when I was a baby or small child. My grandmother saved them from my mother's collection and had kept every one, from my birth announcement on. I decided instead of saving all of them, I would turn some into art work, using both image and text.
I wanted to turn them into greeting cards or something like that, but they are hanging-up in our apartment and I've grown rather fond of them. Looking back now, I think working on them provided me with a deep source of self-comfort. They still make me feel good.
I was playing around with making necklace-hanging plaques for a while. I would paint 'em and then use a vintage waterslide decal for decoration. I made this for a friend's daughter but then thought the purple was too dark behind the dear. I've found it very useful! Today, we went to Michael's and I purchased some materials to make some more of these. Hopefully, they will make it into my etsy shop for the holiday shop update I'm planning. (I can dream, can't I?)

Here is another one from my baby cards. I love the commercial artwork from the 60's. Awesome.

And tying it all together...My favorite dessert as a child was chocolate pudding. My daughter inherited the gene for chocolate pudding love times ten! So, I thought it was time to spoil her with a taste of the real stuff. I wonder if she realizes that I am just as excited about dessert tonight as she is?

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Music To Our Ears

This afternoon, Cub and I finally made it out to see a local group of very talented Japanese musicians we discovered this summer. WaFoo Chamber Unit plays free shows at some of the most interesting and sacred (no pun intended) of venues. This summer they played at the Greenbelt Nature Center (for you locals) and many local libraries. This fall they will provide the live soundtrack for a local performance of Rashomon.
All I can say is that they are the most gracious and humble group of professional musicians I've ever had the joy of listening to. Their music is truly healing to the soul.
We had the the pleasure of attending their free Fall Concert at the majestic St. Peter's Church in St. George.
I tweaked the photo of the church with my new picasa tools.
She was in absolute awe of this church. What a great experience it was to show her around before the concert

We lit a candle for my mother.

It was very interesting for me to see the band set-up at the altar. I kept thinking, "Wow, what a cool pastor." He came up at the end and said a few words of respect and sincere appreciation. The band members dedicated the performance to the memory of Ben Jacobs.
I am extremely moved by live music and cried during their last song. The female member of the band sings and plays the flute and saxophone. She is just magnificent.
I felt like the luckiest girl in the world sitting inside the walls of this incredible church, listening to the music with my daughter on my lap, taking it in together.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Zany Weekend Ramblings

I felt like I obtained official "old lady" status last night when I cozied up on my couch to watch the debate with a hot pot of tea and some long overdue hand-sewing.
I ordered this precious kit from paper and string at some point during the summer. I can't even remember, it was that long ago. How do-able is this?

And how cute is he?

He was complete at the exact time the debate ended. Perfect timing. This was so easy and fun to make, too. Brilliant. I will definitely make some holiday-themed owl Christmas ornaments, for sure!
Today, back at the market, I asked Cub to pick out a head of broccoli. She promptly told me she wanted Broccoli soup for lunch. I should rename this blog, "The Soup Chick," because I seem to post a lot about soup.

And being the ever-so-accomodating Mama...Voila!
Super easy...Saute chopped onion and broccoli in soup pot with a combo of butter and olive oil until onions begin to soften. Cover it all with warm water, enough to cover veggies. Simmer covered, until all of it is tender. I added a roux to thicken it up. (1 Tbl. flour to 1 Tbl. butter, whisked in a pan until well blended, then added to the soup.) After about 20 minutes it was done. I let it cool a minute or two and then let my handy-dandy stick blender work its magic.
We both loved it and once again, the veggies in the form of soup are a huge hit with my child who has basically refused vegetables for the past year.

Oktoberfest at Bear Mountain did not look too appealing to us when we woke-up this am and saw the rain. Luckily, it's happening every weekend through the third week of October. So we'll
have an apple-picking trip and Oktoberfest, too. Yay for reasons to road trip!

In the middle of the day, I decided on a whim, to download itunes and my computer practically crashed and I couldn't do anything to fix it, so Cub and I took an impromptu trip to visit my Grandparents in Long Island.

Just look at this vision of loveliness...Doesn't our mighty Verrazano look so impressive from this angle? Hee, hee...

We decided at 9pm we'd stay over. After we were all snug in bed and almost asleep, I had the feeling we should go home. Strange, I know. I asked Cub if she wanted to leave and she said, "Mama, I was just thinking that. I want to sleep in my bed." So, we got up and left, and the antics that followed were enough to make me cry. I had to turn back half way to the highway because I left my cell phone behind. Then, I realized I had no cash in my wallet to pay the 10 dollar toll for the bridge. I spent the last of it at the market. Verrazano, you are definitely not a cheap date!

We had to get off the last exit before the bridge and try to navigate through pea soup fog and darkness to find a bank machine somewhere. We got lost around three times. Finally, we got out to use the bank machine in our pajamas and made a shop-keeper who was locking up, smile.
We got lost again (twice) trying to find our way back to the bridge.
Truly and utterly ridiculous.

And on a completely unrelated note, but on my mind this evening...
When I was a little girl, first falling in love with movies, (I was indoctrinated by my grandparents), two of my early favorites were The Sting and Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid. So, I'll say a little prayer for Paul Newman this evening. I was sad to hear that he passed away. Thanks, Paul for infusing your creative pursuits with a sense of dignity, honesty, and humanity.
Peaceful rest, Handsome.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Things that are filling me with the spirit of autumn happiness:

This lovely Martha Stewart garland I purchased in August. Gasp!

This picture I took of my girl sportin' my brooch a few weeks ago!

Every Little Thing's Applesauce Recipe

Katie's autumn spirit and decorations

Amanda's loveliness and the Molasses Pumpkin Pie she baked today!

The Willis version of this song.

This has been a week and then some. I'm pretty sure I'm heading to Bear Mountain this weekend for a little Oktoberfest action. The drive towards the mountains should be healing and invigorating for all of us. I'm hijacking my friend Arlene, and of course Cub will be co-piloting from her car seat!
Wishing everyone love and happiness during this transition into a new season.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Not Together For A Reason

Today was not a great day. It's my daughter's father's birthday, too. That's not the bad part, really. Although, it did mean him coming over before I went to work so that he could spend the day with her. Unfortunately, but in typical fashion, we had a disagreement about the usual issues. I'll spare you all the details.
Later this evening, there was a gathering of family and friends to celebrate his birthday. I wasn't going to go, but I figured, since I was taking my daughter anyway, and for the sake of peaceful relations for all parties involved, I'd go with good intentions.
The dinner picnic was at our favorite beach. These photos look light, but it was around 6pm and getting dark, windy, and cold. It was fun being the only ones up on the hill, overlooking the water in the autumn air. Beautiful, actually.
My apologies for my yucky nails. I really should learn to crop my photos, huh?
Anyway, it's been a while since we bought each other anything, but I felt instead of giving him a card, I'd make him something on a little canvas board I had. The paper behind the house is part of the plans for Buckminster Fuller's geodesic dome. We are both huge fans of Bucky. He just went to see his show at the Whitney last week. When we first started dating we obsessed on his work, his life, books, movies, etc. He was a true humanist, a real visionary, a devoted and tireless teacher. I could go on and on.
The words above the house are from a Talking Heads song that he
recently told me he had discovered and couldn't get out of his head. He appreciates David Byrne's philosophy and message in the lyrics of the song "Don't Worry About the Government."
I put this together because, although we are no longer a couple, we still share our beautiful child and we still, interestingly enough, share many similar life visions.
Tonight, after cake had been eaten, my daugher went over and sat on her Daddy's lap. We were all starting to pack-up, it was getting so cold. Everyone was talking at once when she said, "Mama, Daddy ripped your card-up today." I guess I looked surpised and perplexed, and so she added, "the card you gave him this morning. He ripped it up when you went to work."
And therefore, the title of this post.
Thanks for letting me vent, this evening.
Tomorrow will be a better day.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Wierd but good

Lately, Saturdays have been a little "off" for us, but not necessarily unpleasant. Kinda like this photo. I shot the balloons as I walked through the parking lot to TJ Maxx. The beeper ticket thing was left on a shirt I purchased this summer. Bummer. I had to go back and try to prove to the folks there that I really didn't steal the shirt. Yes, there is a security
tag attached, I don't have a receipt, and I ripped the tag off, too. It looks like a duck, but I promise it's not!!
They believed me, so that was good.
Tonight, I also ventured into "wierd but good" cracker baking process. I had a recipe from the Moosewood Cookbook for Sesame Crackers. It sounded easy and tasty. I took too many liberties with the recipe, however. Instead of the wheat flours, I went for a gluten-free blend and millet flour. Instead of yogurt, I used the sour cream that was in the fridge and then...the "biggie." I got a little happy in TJ's specialty food section, and bought a gorgeous little bottle of Nigella seeds. Ahh...Should have been just right but not a great stand-in with their sour oregano taste. Cub and her grandparents loved 'em and gobbled them up with the most sublime goat cheese that was brought home from the market today. There is this little booth with the nicest people and they make goat cheese from the milk of their sweet little goats.
The crackers grew on me after a while and were pretty good with the cheese, but next time I'll be less adventurous with my crackers.
Tomorrow I'm making Curried Cauliflower soup and I've bought a special Sri Lankan curry to try out. It smelled so good, I actually thought about making a Curry-Lime scented soap.
I just realized that could be wierd but good, too!
Other than that news, the sewing machine arrived yesterday and I stayed up way past my bedtime reading the manual. I just need to get a spool of good thread and a zipper to start that juice bag pouch. I've also been researching eco-friendly grocery totes to make for our shopping trips.
I can't believe I'm still receiving plastic bags into my life. Not good. I'm searching for the simplest pattern and then I'll buy some funky vintage sheets for the fabric and just blast 'em out!
I would feel so much better if I could stop with those bags, really.

Friday, September 19, 2008


The sun light gave me a beautiful kiss on the cheek this morning as I awoke to start my day.
I picked up my camera and took many different views of the sunrise outside a couple of our windows. This one was taken from my room. I hope it does not hurt your eyes.

And off in another reality somewhere...
This is a brilliant movie and I really need to watch it again. I post this because I had the dream about him again last night. There is a person I know, (not that well) who has been appearing in my dreams fairly regularly. I do not know why, but they feel very real, as if we have actually spent time together...Nothing inappropriate, mind you. These dreams are beginning to haunt me, not in a bad way...They are just there and when I wake-up, I always feel a bit sad.
I love this image they used for the film.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

On The Way!

I was a bit disappointed when I received the message from Target that my machine delivery was delayed. When I checked this evening, I saw that it was shipped yesterday. Hooray!

I've been thinking about a pouch like this for a few years now. Yes, I think about mundane things like this! I guess I'll let my "teacher" show when I tell you that I get excited about pencil cases, pencils, and erasers, too! Hee, hee...It's true!
My daughter drinks at least one of these a day. I pack one in her lunch box and maybe she'll have another in the evening. So, there is noooooo shortage of this particular material in our house.
I think I'm going for a pencil case and then a Kool-Aid make-up case or change purse.
I'll keep you posted. I can't wait to play!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Good Things

Yup, my "good things" are all about my loves: children and food...as if you didn't know! Anyway, just wanted to share some happy things on this Monday evening:

I lifted this photo from my new obsession. I mean, I could sit in front of the computer for hours gawking at the polaroid-esque photos of gorgeous, and I mean gorgeous eats. So much creativity, so many ideas, and stylish, too. I am hooked on Tastespotting, BIG TIME. This is a glorious banana layer cake and banana anything is good.

Cub and I went and checked out the 58th Annual Staten Island Fence Sale yesterday. It was just a "wee bit" hot and sticky. She turned pink within the first ten minutes and drank four glasses of lemonade. We didn't stay very long. But it was nice to show some local artists support and appreciation, anyway.

Speaking of local artists, I found this at the bottom of a pile of drawings she did on Saturday morning. I just love it so much. Lately, I feel like her drawings and colorings are revealing another layer of her creative development. Some are so striking. It's exciting for me to have such a close-up view of my little one's development in this area.
I feel privileged.
Someday, I'm going to miss these floating smiley faces with the outstretched arms. I could cry thinking about the day they morph into another form. The big smile, the open arms outstretched to a person, the world...just captures so much about a child's innocence and heart.
Sweet and simple.

I'm loving my chocolate combos a lot, lately. Chocolate-raspberry, chocolate-cherry, chocolate and orange...But I think chocolate and peanut butter is irrisistable. Tonight, it was too hot for baking, so I decided to try something new, No Bake cookies. They were pretty simple to make and they are literally melt-in-your-mouth delicious. I made the Chocolate Oatmeal Peanut Butter kind, but I have already come-up with some other varieties for the future...I'm thinking along the lines of Caramel Cinnamon Oatmeal for fall.

I just deleted the wierd photo of them drying on wax-paper on my ugly counter top. If you want to make a quick and easy, healthy-ish, cookie-give 'em a try!
What's on your list of "good things?"

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sewing Together Some Family History

Introducting my new baby, the Brother 2600i.

It's been a wierd day. I'll just blame it on the weather and leave it at that. Cub woke me up at 6:30 am and I couldn't go back to sleep after laying out her breakfast and turning on her morning shows. Ugh. We even missed our trip to the farmer's market today. I can't complain, my vegetable bin is still stuffed from overstocking last week. So far there has been some top cleaning, playing outside with the neighbors, a great movie, "Madeline in Paris," given to Cub by daddy for her birthday and...the very exciting purchase above!

I finally took the leap and bought myself a new sewing machine. This is B-I-G for me for many reasons. For one, I taught myself to sew in my late teens on my mother's 1967 Singer machine. It was a work horse and a beautiful machine. I toted that thing along with me wherever I went and in college I began quilting as I followed a certain band all over the country...Yes, that machine accompanied me to my first cross-country move to San Francisco. A year or two later it died and I could not afford to have it repaired.

Many years later when I moved to Portland, Oregon, the first thing I did when I touched down, was buy a new sewing machine, a basic Brother model. I made mostly curtains and pillows and furniture coverings and stuffed animals. When I left three years later, I left it with a friend, a single mother of four, who really needed it at the time. And that was my last connection to a machine until today. I'm not exactly sure why. My years of living in the city flew by in a flurry. So what if I haven't done any machine sewing in twelve years? Oh, boy...has it really been that long?

I'm not worried. Sewing is in my blood. It's the one little gift I know that was bestowed upon me by the heavens via my beloved great-grandmother, Johanna. At age fourteen, she ran away from her home in Budapest, Hungary to come to the US with a dream of working as a dancer. She ended up dancing in Burlesque in Manhattan. Later, she married my great-grandfather, Daniel- who was a hunchback and therefore, did stand-up comedy, also in Burlesque. She became a mother of four by the time she was twenty-one. From what I understand she had her own tool box, worked on cars, gave all the local kids hair cuts, and sewed her fanny off! She made a set of satin dolls for my mother with all the clothes and costumes and so much more. She had a funky asthetic, too. Most of her dolls had rainbow, blue, or pink colored hair! Right on, Johanna. Love it.

I didn't want to spend a lot on this basic machine. I figure I'll use it for a while and when I'm ready to step it up, I'll put this aside for teaching Cub how to sew. She is already cutting up her Barbie dolls clothes to mix and match tops and bottoms. It's in the blood, I tell you! After weeks of research, I decided the Brother 2600i was perfect. A friend who just started a sewing class at FIT told me her instructor highly recommended it for basic clothing and craft construction. So, that sealed the deal. Best of all, it couldn't be more affordable.

And of course, I had to finally purchase this book. I've already read through it, after securing a copy at the local library. I can't wait to sink my sewing needle into those adorable apron, tote, and pouch projects!

What better way to pass the time at 6:30 am on a weekend?

What's everyone up to this weekend?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Cute Things on a Sick Day

My cub came home yesterday with a fever and @ 4am this morning woke-up wheezing and gasping for air. She has a history of croup, so I assumed that's what it was. So scary. I immediately took her outside. There we were, sitting outside in a pink leopard print blanket and pj's...Finally, I had to give her prednisone to get her breathing back to normal. Ugh.
Yup. I had to call in the first week back to work. I'm sure that went over well at school. Anyway, while at the doctor's this afternoon, I came across an issue of Family Fun magazine. This is not the magazine I would normally go for, but when the holidays approach, I find myself turning towards those publications that my grandmother subscribed to while I was growing-up. It's all good. They have since become pretty crafty-oriented. I think we have Martha to thank for mixing things up a bit in the, uh..."all things domestic" area. So, thank you, Martha! I was so surprised how much I enjoyed flipping through the September issue. It's chock-full of cute, fun, and easy things to make. (All of my requirements.) There's button jewelry, paper dolls and paper birds. LOVE. There is also such a smart wall-hanging organizer made out of a cookie sheet and cans. LOVE!!! Heck, there's even a paper (wrapped) beads elastic cuff bracelet. Swoon. Yes, I was sitting on my own little piece of heaven right there in the doctor's office while Cub played animal doctor.
Aren't these mini-caramel apples adorable? Yes, the photo is tiny. I don't know what that's about, but here's the recipe:

4-inch lollipop sticks
Melon baller
Granny Smith apples (one apple makes about 8 mini apples)
Butterscotch or peanut butter chips
Chopped nuts, nonpareils, sprinkles, shredded coconut (optional)
Small paper candy cups
1. First, cut the lollipop sticks in half at an angle (the pointy end will go into the apple pieces easier). With the melon baller, scoop little balls out of the apple. Each ball should have a section of apple peel. Push half of a lollipop stick into the peel of each ball. Pat the apple pieces dry. 2. Melt the chips according to the package directions. Dip and swirl the mini apples in the melted chips, then roll the apples in nuts, sprinkles, nonpareils, or coconut, if desired. Place the mini apples in paper candy cups to set.

These are going to be such fun to make. I hope you'll try them and check out the mag online. Did I mention how cute their printables are?
I figure we'll probably stay close to home this weekend. That's okay by me. I have such the urge to bake and bake lots of goodies. I want to make something decadent from this book.
This book took me from the average,"I bake cookies and a layer cake every now and then," to a whole new level. Flo Braker is an excellent instructor. She gives all of those secrets and tips that only pro-bakers know about and somehow never think of sharing. I'm dreaming about the Pistachio Genoise cake or the Banana Butter cake. Mmmmmm....

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Once Upon A Saturday

Yesterday was just the best day from start to finish. I so needed it!
To start things off, I received the sweetest package in the mail from my new friend, Kristin!
She is my kind of gal, making beads, beautiful art bowls, and more out of all natural and recycled materials, like paper, sand, and clay. Aren't these delicious? She packed along lots of extra goodies, as well. You can find these beauties and many others in her shop, My Sweet Three.
Then as promised earlier in the week, it was off to the carousel.
Cub pointed out this "shot" to me as we were walking out of the rest room. She has such a good eye. I've noticed she gravitates towards yellow. I love this blue-yellow combo.

My girl doesn't like to ride on the moving animals, so we sat in "Noah's Ark." I looked-up and felt comforted that we happened to be sitting underneath Buddha.

Father and Daughter...

Guess what was for dinner? Yup! Barbecue Chicken Pita Pizzas.
Unfortunately, she didn't love them as much as I did!

After she went to bed, I finally let out whatever air was left in the sinking mylar balloons from her birthday. I made little birthday wrapping bundles out of them for future use. I'll use the balloon as a funky gift wrap and it's ribbon to pull it all together. Kinda cute, no?

The night was topped off with this excellent movie. Audrey Hepburn, France, and funny, too! Loved it.
Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!
Finally, some cool, clear weather. Ahhh.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Views Around The House

I apologize in advance for the choppy style and randomness of my writing this evening. I'm half asleep, but fighting it so I can do some things I enjoy before retiring for the evening. It's been a long and exhausting week. Cub and I have both had a hard time adjusting to our new schedules. There was crying off and on all week, for both of us! I'm so thankful it's the weekend. The above shot was taken through my bedroom window. It's the view that sold me on our apartment, along with the hardwood floors and the strange sort of "park"/woods/hill across the street. The fact that I can see the bridge gives me a sense of ease; just to think that most of my friends and all of my family are just "over yonder."
All I've got to do is cross that bridge.
Sometimes I don't know if I'll ever get used to living here.

I've had this thing for hanging dresses on my wall since I was a kid. When I was six, I remember my mother giving me this beautiful pink, frilly, floor length dress. Long dresses were in then (1970's) and I remember often wearing them to school. I tried to hang the pink one on the wall 'cuz it was so pretty. These are two of my favorite dresses from when she was 2. She wore them at 3, too. The yellow one was scored at a local thrift shop. I should have taken a detail of that applique and embroidery work. The white dress was a gift from my uncle. It was handmade (not by my uncle) and purchased while he was on a vacation in Rome.

Just for fun I wanted to share some of Cub's favorite kitchen toys. This is all connected to my obsession with not throwing anything away, if you haven't already noticed. Often, when we have finished something in my kitchen, it is retired to her kitchen. She just loves it.

I don't know if and when I will ever get the chance to make something again. Those paper beads are calling out to me, but I have no energy. Instead, I made our favorite homemade toothpaste and re-filled my pretty Martha Stewart lotion dispenser with my homemade "lotion." It's just coconut oil purchased at Western Beef, a local supermarket. Then I add two drops of cinnamon oil and three drops of sweet orange essential oil. It is wonderfully silky and is so much better than putting a chemical cocktail all over your bod. This would make a great massage oil, too. I made another batch of all purpose cleaner: water, Dr. Bronner's soap, a couple of teaspoons of baking soda, and some tea tree oil. At least I feel a bit productive.
This week, I wanted to post about the veggie pancakes I made, but I had too many lessons to plan. They were a hit with Cub, though. I think I'm on to something here and wanted to share. Maybe tomorrow. I have Barbecue Chicken Pizza on the brain after seeing one of the most recent recipes posted over at The Splendid Table. That will definitely be made this week. Sounds so easy and good.
I promised her we would do something special together this weekend so it's off to the carousel for a picnic tomorrow afternoon. I'm praying for rain tonight. This hot and steamy weather has been torture in a school building with 3500 students and no air conditioning.
Oh, and how cool are these brownies?

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Nigella's Butternut Squash Soup

Oops. I just realize after inserting this photo of Nigella Lawson, that she's hanging out of this dress a wee bit Sorry. I just saw her image captured in black and white, and decided this was not the usual type of photo you find of this beautiful gal.
I love this food journalist/celebrity chef. I appreciate her simple, unpretentious attitude towards food. She's not ashamed of her buxom figure or her healthy appetite for food. I don't know too many people who don't own at least one of her cookbooks. She's usually my first "go to" source for a recipe. I know it will be straightforward and simple. Tonight's Butternut Squash soup recipe is a perfect example:
1 butternut squash, peeled and chopped
1 chopped onion
1 tab ground cumin
1 tab ground coriander
2 pints water
2 chicken or vegetable stock cubes
Put everything in a pan, bring to the boil, cover and cook for 25 mins. Liquidise.
Couldn't get easier than that. I used curry instead of the cumin and coriander. I also used organic chicken broth I purchased in a supermarket instead of the stock cubes. Needless to say, it's delicious.
I topped this with a spoonful of the yogurt "cheese" from the weekend. My daugher likes this over rice. An added bonus is that I have lunch already made for tomorrow. Yay!
Today went pretty well. My students are sweet. It should be a good (but busy) year. I'm particularly excited to teach The Crucible this fall. There are so many opportunities to blend literature, creativity, and history together. We'll see if I'm still cooking by the end of the week!