Saturday, June 25, 2011

In the Kitchen

Sun tea brewing on the windowsill.
Just old fashioned Lipton's with a few Celestial Seasonings
thrown in for good measure.

Quick and Easy Bran Muffins:
Made from the best mix on the planet
with added ground flax seed and blueberries.
Om nom nom.

My first vegan chickpea pot pie and it
was more delicious than I thought.
I used puffed pastry, but next time I
think I'll make my own crust.

What have you been making?
Anything yummy to share?

Friday, June 17, 2011

A Virtual Stage

"I've walked these streets...

In a carnival of sights to see." - Natalie Merchant, Carnival

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Something You Didn't Know About Me #1

When I was a child and people asked me what I wanted to be, I would always say, "an artist."

I never remember a time I was not in awe of COLOR. Just pure ol' color--
in the form of crayon, colored pencils, Play-Doh, clay,
paints & glitter.

During my teen years, I fell in love with hair color and make-up and often took
matters of this nature into my own hands, to the dismay of my family members.

I was told by my friends I was really good at cutting hair & doing make-up.

I looooved working on a live, human, face.
I thought it was just amazingly beautiful and so rewarding to watch
a transformation take place at my very hand & eye.

Soooooo...Jeremy Scott, Fashion Designer,
I'm in love with the make-up look on your runway this past spring!

Image Gallery

These colors? This look?
Hair? Make-up?
This is what I feel embodies my aesthetic...What is deep inside of me:
A little bit clown
A little bit edge
A little bit street fashion
A little bit punk...
along with an underlying touch of childhood innocence.

That's me on the inside and I wish, wish, wish,
I could walk around in real life looking like this.
But alas, (sigh...)
I'm just an English teacher
single Mama
trying to make my way
in this world.


Sunday, June 12, 2011

It is a Reflection...

A son and his father were walking on the mountains.
Suddenly, the son falls, hurts himself and screams: "AAAhhhhhhhhhhh!!!"
To his surprise, he hears the voice repeating,
somewhere in the mountain: "AAAhhhhhhhhhhh!!!"
Curious, he yells: "Who are you?"
He receives the answer: "Who are you?"
Angered at the response, he screams: "Coward!"
He receives the answer: "Coward!"
He looks to his father and asks: "What's going on?"
The father smiles and says: "My son, pay attention."
And then he screams to the mountain: "I admire you!"
The voice answers: "I admire you!"
Again the man screams: "You are a champion!"
The voice answers: "You are a champion!"
The boy is surprised, but does not understand.
Then the father explains: "People call this ECHO, but really this is LIFE.
It gives you back everything you say or do.
Our life is simply a reflection of our actions.
If you want more love in the world, create more love in your heart.
If you want more competence in your team, improve your competence.
This relationship applies to everything, in all aspects of life;
Life will give you back everything you have given to it.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Mother's Love

My daughter changed my life.
Because of her, I have become a better person...always striving to be the best I can be...
For HER.
I have never loved anyone or anything the way I love my girl.
There is nothing I wouldn't do to keep her happy, healthy, SAFE...

My silly little one.
My sweet little companion; my child.
My greatest blessing and joy.

From the first time I held you in my arms,
till the end of time...
I love you, Josette.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Chocolate Raspberry

There is just something about this combination that makes me
feel a little weak-in-the-knees...

Last night, I baked a delicious vegan chocolate cake using this awesome recipe.
I hereby declare this my new go-to recipe for chocolate cake. Wow.
I love Andrea's blog. In fact, it is where I've been learning a whole lot about
delicious vegan cooking.

The heat eventually got to me last night. After the cake was made and partially eaten, I decided to do without the frosting. I mean, I'm not one of those people that needs frosting to enjoy a cake. In fact, most of the time, if it's fresh- I prefer it plain with just a dusting of cocoa or powdered sugar.
But while wondering the aisles of the health food store...Look at what I found?
I justified the purchase because summer is coming and we will make good use of this
yumminess...Sorbets? Cakes? Fresh fruits? Smoothies?
Oh, yeah.

This find made me happier
than it probably
should have.