Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Holiday Pre-Game Photo Dump

Been meaning to post for a while...but been busy. Life has been good
in that happily contented way.
Time to catch-up now.
Thanksgiving was my first as a vegan/vegetarian. It was awesome.
I had a Tofurky turkey and it was okay. Just okay.
Wouldn't do it again...especially 'cause there are so many other goodies to eat.
I am all about the sides, anyway. Next year, I'll know.

Here are some pre-holiday photos of the goodness we've been enjoying in our little corner of the world. Me and my girl both LOVE everything about preparing for Christmas, so it has
been all about holiday songs, hot chocolate, advent activities, crafting, and the like!

Our holiday kick-off: We saw the Beach Boys at the St. George Theater.
John Stamos performed with them and it was magic.
We had a ball on cold Sunday night.

Our little white Christmas tree. I always dreamed of a white tree when I was a child, now I have one. It just reminds me of sweet confections, snow, and all yummy wintry things.
I love it. So grateful to our babysitter and my daughter for putting it all together this year while I was at a class one Saturday. It looks so pretty in our living room.

A sideways photo of an advent activity calender I made for my girl.
Each day she turns over a card and there is a holiday activity we will do together.
Tonight, it's singing a Christmas carol together. Tomorrow, we'll play Uno or Scrabble Junior and the winner will get a candy cane. That kinda thing...
She's lovin' it. This was so simple and easy...and sweet to create.

Still in love with this Martha Stewart holiday letter banner I made three years ago.
It's perfect on the bookcase.

Jumped on the "cover everything in yarn" wagon that seemed to have taken place around Thanksgiving. I'm going to make a yarn covered initial for my new niece. But to warm up,
I covered an olive jar. It's cute enough.
Thinking of making a few mini jars to go next to it in other bright jewel colors.

Lastly, this was my economical teacher-gift prezzie this year. I made up four of these and they are wrapped pretty in cellophane and satin bows. Two for my daughter's classroom teachers, two for my grandmother's home health aides.

Everything was purchased at the dollar store: pretty vases, silk holiday flowers, an ornament, and peppermint candies.

I thought they were pretty festive and practical, too.
My favorite kind of gift!

How are you all preparing for the holidays?

Things left on our list: Only two more gifts for Mama to buy, a trip to the tree at Rockefeller, a trip to the American Girl store 'cause Mama promised, a meal at my favorite vegan restaurant in the E. Village, more crafting...and our favorite activity...
Baking (vegan) Gingerbread for Santa!

Can't wait!