Tuesday, September 4, 2012

{Recent} People, Places, and Things

Summer has officially ended for us with my return back to work today.
Tomorrow, my Girl Cub begins third grade at a new school. 
Hold good wishes for us please as we begin our school-year journeys.


I found this in the sink late one night when I went to brush my teeth.
...Remnants of one of the zillion Barbie Fests Girl-Cub 
had with her friends this summer. 
I guess this was the grand finale! 

Stained glass sun & lotus flower in our kitchen window
greet us each morning.

Mama's Malas on windowsill

Dharma Yoga, NYC
Another one of my spirit homes, which I didn't realize
until I went there for the first time.

So grateful for such a beautiful, personally-
powerful summer filled with Love & healing.

Here's to the next season!