Saturday, November 5, 2011

Halloween 2011

Halloween was rather spontaneous this year. We had our costumes planned,
but did not know where we would go or who would be included
in the trick-or-treating candy parade.
Turns out it couldn't have been more perfect.
Isn't it always like that?
Little Cub, our "Spanish Flamenco Dancer" was joined by
her BFF "Princess Peach" and the rest of our neighborhood gang.
Even Daddy joined the fun!

I broke-out another homemade costume using clothes from my "vintagey-costume"
clothes bin in my closet.
Disco Zombie Mama. Although, Cub's daddy said it was more like
"Prom Zombie!" Either way, it was all good.

And Daddy got to carry her candy while I got to gab
with my mama friends while walking.

There was a delicious diner visit afterwards where lots of yummy food was enjoyed as we were all starving.
Then we ended the night with hot apple cider before dropping off Daddy at the bus stop.
It was a great little holiday.

Now looking forward to planning my first vegan Thanksgiving.
Can't wait!