Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Before Bed...

Some nights we watch a show together. Sometimes, I put her to bed and rub her back.
Other times we talk, and sometimes, we do a little bit of both.

Tonight, I attempted to read Little House on the Prairie again and 
she still stands firm on her opinion. ("It's boring. Sooooo boring.)
Oh, well. I picked up a reader that the was gifted to us from the local 
Montessori last summer and we decided we'd read about Beethoven.

My oh, my...this girl asks the best questions, "Did he hear music constantly after he 
went deaf or only sometimes?" We were going to listen to "Ode to Joy," but it 
grew late and it was already past her bedtime. I'll put that on the bucket list with 
the cicada research for the summer, along with the gardening and planting 
workshop, which we will accomplish this time around.

Afterward, we read some psalms. Her request. "Let's read the Bible." 
We spoke about God's unconditional love and the power of creation.

I love these quiet times together before bed and I'm so 
grateful that our routine we were so consistent with in the early days
is still (for the most part) in place. 

Sweet Dreams, My Pretty Princess. 

Love, Mama

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

My Earth-Mama Life

Just in case you are interested in what I've been doing over at my other blog.

To be continued...

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Two posts in one day?
I couldn't help myself.
I became mesmerized by this image
when I happen to stumble upon it this evening on my quest for a scent.

Gold Dust. 
Twinkling Effervescence.

I am on a quest for pure


(Unfortunately, it has become very rare and pure mysore is hardly, if ever used anymore.
We have depleted this gorgeous natural resource from Mother Earth.)

Bang a Gong

This week, I am counting the days till the weekend. I am planning on attending a moon ceremony at a kundalini yoga studio and will experience my second gong bath meditation.

In one word.... B L I S S!

A gong bath meditation is one of the most relaxing, beautiful, peaceful,
healing experiences you can give yourself.

Above gong bath meditation image courtesy of this website.

Gong sound can be used to rebalance and tone the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. It is an excellent therapy for stress related issues, depression, fatigue, anger and hostility, feelings of fear, separation and loneliness, along with many other conditions related to the lack of balance and harmony in the body.

Some more benefits include:

•induces an instantaneous state of meditation by calming the mind and stopping the internal dialogue

•creates an immediate state of relaxation and release of tension

•stimulates the circulatory and glandular systems

•rebalances the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies

•helps clear energetic and emotional blockages

•regenerates the parasympathetic nervous system

•awakens higher states of consciousness conducive to healing and transformation

I feel fortunate to live in close proximity (equal distance in opposite directions) to two studios that provide this form of meditation.

I am learning and discovering so much along my path to peace and healing. I hope you enjoy hearing about my journey as much as I enjoy sharing it.

Shanti. Shanti. Shanti.

Peace, Peace, PEACE.

Sunday, June 2, 2013


I finally joined Yogaglo after much back and forth on it. 
I do pretty well with my practice in my little home studio,
but it was time to refresh. With summer approaching there
will be much more time for asanas, pranayama, & meditation. 
I am enjoying this site immensely. If you are not familiar with it, 
you really must check it out. They even offer a free two week trial membership.

KUNDALINI is changing & transforming my life, my aura, my energy;
my being.  I am moved to share and spread its light & healing power. 

In other news: Babaji is in town this week!