Sunday, March 27, 2011

Art Everywhere! Weekend, Part II

A sunny, crisp-cold morning boat ride into Manhattan started our day.
My girl pointed out this dress to me in a paper goods store window.
The dress is made out of party invites.
Just Adorable.
The dress is nice, too! Ha, ha!

I'm pretty much vegetarian now...and flirting with vegan all the time. Put it this way,
all of the recipes, blogs, and cookbooks I've been sourcing are strictly vegan.
I think I'm what you'd call a "cheating vegan" because I do use butter and cheese occasionally.
Anyway, it has been an educational and enlightening experience...all of this food research!
Here is a meal we ate tonight...a garden salad and a deeelicious vegetable casserole made with couscous. I found the recipe in my new favorite cookbook. I spent an hour copying recipes out of it in Barnes and Nobel last night while Cub and Daddy read books together.
Best of all, Girl Cub LOVED it and asked for seconds.
Holy Guacamole!

And at least once a day my daughter "wows" me with
either something she says or does...or both.
Tonight, she made an actual test for each of her little friends, passed out pencils,
"helped" them to take it, then graded them.

Think she is a teacher's daughter, or what?!
If only my students were as cooperative as
Mama Owl
Orange Tiger

Saturday, March 26, 2011

There is Art Everywhere...

Today was one of those all-around great days.
Look what I found staring up at me while I paid the cashier at the Russian supermarket this morning.
These are actual chocolate bar wrappers!
How beautiful are they? I was so struck by that girl's face.
You get two treats for the price of one...chocolate and the pretty picture.
Sorry about the tags. Couldn't find any without the prices!

Later this afternoon we were blessed with a wonderful piano concert performed by the amazingly talented and very lovely Celeste Lederer.
She played so many beautiful pieces of classical music- Bach, Mozart, Chopin, Debussy, & Beethoven.
Then we were treated to some good ol' fashioned ragtime.
Loved it all.
My girl however, fell asleep on her daddy's lap after the first
three songs!

There was a late-lunch, a trip to the crafts store to
buy some yarn for another crochet handbag, and then the
mandatory "walk through" at Toys R Us.
I couldn't help myself.
Still a sucker for Smurfs.

It was a really nice day. I needed it after the all-consuming
weeks I've been having.
Tomorrow, we are off to the city to take care of taxes and hopefully
catch this amazing show at the Cooper Hewitt Museum.
I have been influenced lately by the colors and patterns Sonia Delaunay used in her
work. She has been inspiring many of my
recent crochet projects, too.

Magic Girl

Because perfume,
the fabulous 80's,
and all things French make me HAPPY...
I am in love with this video.

Hope you it puts a smile on your face.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wild Weekend In Philly

Me & my girl met up with some good friends this past weekend for the Sendak in Spring festival in Philadelphia.
Besides all things Wild, we enjoyed
Ethiopian food
the gorgeous Super Moon
yummy crepe breakfast at the awesome Reading Terminal Market
the beautiful sights of the city
super strong coffee
yummy cupcakes
& best of all was the company of LOVING FRIENDS.

Looking forward to a lot more adventures...