Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happy 2012!

(Crocheted and gifted to my beautiful new niece born this year.
One of the highlights of my 2011)

It's a new year! Wow. The holidays sure did go quickly.
Today we went to church and celebrated Three Kings Day.
The priest reminded us that there is still one more official day left to the Christmas season.
At least I don't feel guilty for leaving our tree up! One year, I left it up until February! Okay, that was a little much, but it all goes along with my theme of the year for 2012.

We're sloooowing down. I had to cut back on the extracurricular activities my girl was involved in. We got pretty sick and rundown during Christmas vacation. All the activity caught up to us and made me realize, we have very busy days...and both me and my girl require a lot of downtime. We love being home and unwinding.
We don't need to keep up with anyone or any activity level.
I'm going to slow down this year and I'm going to savor our precious time together at home.
This year there will be more:
quiet, listening, reading, early bedtimes, movie-watching, easier healthy meals,
pajama-days or at least pj mornings, cooking/baking lessons for my girl while I'm preparing in the kitchen, drawing, painting, sculpture time, nature walks.

There will be more good old fashioned time spent together.
And that is all I want.
That, and to be a better human being, a better mother...a more devoted child of God...
living my life to the fullest in the small, simple joys of
just being alive.

Happy New Year to You All.
I'm wishing you peace, joy, and love throughout every day
of the year ahead.