Sunday, February 10, 2013

Beautiful Sunny Sunday

What a wonderful weekend. 
I feel blessed for such a good, well-lived Sunday.

Sunday, it's becoming the Sabbath day it is meant to be
in our happy home.

Had a simple, nutritious breakfast.
Played a game of "Slap Jack" (card game) with my precious daughter.
Washed and dressed and talked while doing it.

Was up and out in the cool, crispy, air after bathing in the sun under the window in her room.
Praise God, we can afford healthy food for our week!
We went to Trader Joe's and picked up everything on our list...
all healthy. My girl even picked up a healthy root beer, her favorite.

After a quick cup of tea, it was off to church, our home church.
We've been visiting the churches of family and friends for the past few weeks so it
was nice and comfey to be back at our special place.

Then home for a beautiful yoga session for this hour
of a glorious class underneath my sunny window. 
Afterward, I made a big, healthy salad for me and my girl and we 
enjoyed it together. 

There was kitchen cleaning, friends coming over for a loving visit 
with pieces of confetti cake with homemade icing. And then I may have had a quick nap
on the couch while watching Rosemary & Thyme. 

I watched the sun going down from our large living room window and listened to Gungor, my 
new favorite worship band. Oh, they take my breath away with their 
creativity and messages. 

And I felt extra-blessed to listen to a sermon online from a friend's church this early 
evening. (It's titled: "First Things First: Relationships")
I needed to hear this before starting my week.

Blessings abound.
The kids can be heard playing upstairs and listening to our new favorite station on the radio, 
99.1. My daughter is loving her worship music lately, too! So good.

Tonight: It's breakfast for dinner or bean with bacon soup...and 
Downton Abbey after Lesson Planning for the week!

It was the perfect Sunday.
Hope you enjoyed your weekend too.

Love & Blessings, 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

More Raw Veggies

I've been reading a lot about how we can get more enzymes essential for 
good health from eating raw vegetables. 

I make a mean salad with radish, cucumber, shredded carrot with a 
lemon-shallot vinagrette! We eat it at least twice a week and I often 
pack raw veggies as a snack for work.

This spring, we are planning our first container garden. 
I'm concerned about pests and the local cat and other
neighborhood "friends" getting into our stash, but hey, 
it's worth a shot...and I think it will be fun to experiment with different
organic pesticides.

We are starting small, as suggested by friends and family who are very experienced in this 
department. Sooooo
I thought we would definitely grow some cucumbers, since 
they are a staple around here...and 
some arugula (ordered some seeds from Italy) should
be interesting.

I'll update as we go along.
This should be a wonderful learning experience for us.

Any experience with container gardens?
Pointers? Tips?