Sunday, March 27, 2011

Art Everywhere! Weekend, Part II

A sunny, crisp-cold morning boat ride into Manhattan started our day.
My girl pointed out this dress to me in a paper goods store window.
The dress is made out of party invites.
Just Adorable.
The dress is nice, too! Ha, ha!

I'm pretty much vegetarian now...and flirting with vegan all the time. Put it this way,
all of the recipes, blogs, and cookbooks I've been sourcing are strictly vegan.
I think I'm what you'd call a "cheating vegan" because I do use butter and cheese occasionally.
Anyway, it has been an educational and enlightening experience...all of this food research!
Here is a meal we ate tonight...a garden salad and a deeelicious vegetable casserole made with couscous. I found the recipe in my new favorite cookbook. I spent an hour copying recipes out of it in Barnes and Nobel last night while Cub and Daddy read books together.
Best of all, Girl Cub LOVED it and asked for seconds.
Holy Guacamole!

And at least once a day my daughter "wows" me with
either something she says or does...or both.
Tonight, she made an actual test for each of her little friends, passed out pencils,
"helped" them to take it, then graded them.

Think she is a teacher's daughter, or what?!
If only my students were as cooperative as
Mama Owl
Orange Tiger

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Kat said...

I've been wanting to go vegetarian but my struggle is to find things that my girls will eat. I really don't want to have to cook separate meals so if you have any that were a big hit with your daughter. I'd love to hear them. That dress is cute but you're daughter is way cuter. The boat ride sounds chilly but wonderful :)