Thursday, April 21, 2011


The start of our week and a half long vacation began with a first-time visit to a
neighborhood church, within walking distance from our house.
The church sits right on the beach and has tremendously high ceilings made of
wood, complete with its original wood beams.
It is has such modest beauty. We love it.
Best of all, there is a prayer basket placed at the entrance.
Anyone can write their prayer on a sticky note and place it in the basket.

Our house on Long Island--the home where three generations of us lived.
I know I will really miss this place someday.
I'm grateful my grandmother is alive and well and still calls it home.

I love these Long Island skies. I have never seen them anywhere else
and I've been to many, many, places.
This certain sky belongs to my home only.

I love this light. So familiar.
I love the air, the sky, the feel of
the place I grew-up.
No other place like this.

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Girl on the Front Porch said...

Hey, thanks for looking in and yes the letters and people are real. The letters were kept in an old purse for years. I am glad you are enjoying reading them,to me they are a different way to understand life during WWII and as well as a glimpse into my family's past.