Sunday, September 29, 2013


Made Cofee
Made vegan oatmeal pancakes
Completed two hours of lessons, paper-grading, test-making
Dressed for Fete Paradiso on Governor's Island
Decided to get iced coffee and lunch for my girl instead.
Mama-Daughter pedicures
Bought a chuck roast & all the fixings.
Came home.
Put together the now as I type.
Prepped the ingredients for collard/black-eyed pea soup.
Swept kitchen floor.

To come...
More school work (one hour now, one more hour later)
Grocery delivery
Relax with my


We didn't make it to church or to the last day of FP but it has been a beautiful, productive, and cozy kinda Sunday...Just what we needed after running around from activity to activity yesterday. 

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