Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Good Earth

It is our Saturday morning ritual to head over to the farmer's market in St. George to buy our weekly produce. I never cease to be in awe of the fruits and vegetables there. It's funny, but I feel like a kid in a candy store. I can feel my adrenaline rise as we get out of the car and begin to walk towards all the yummy goodness. I only wish I would remember to bring enough money to take everything I'd like home with me. These gorgeous strawberries were calling our name. Recently, I have come across two interesting recipes for "no bake" strawberry pie. I like this idea because in this heat and humidity, I can't even think about turning on the oven.
Girl cub, being a child of ritual, has to have at least two glasses of the yummy iced herbal tea at Rabbit's Run. Then she's over to the empenada stand for her second lunch. Daddy joined us today, which was nice. I got to roam around and take photos of all the beauty, so I was happy. I try to be realistic about my purchases, taking home only what we will actually eat. Today's bag was filled with dark green and lovely spinach (my absolute favorite thing to eat in this whole world...), beets, the reddest most enormous radishes, a pound of sweet cherries, a quart of strawberries, and a new one for us...a quart of sugar snap peas which I was eating raw out of the bag. Yes, they are that good. There is nothing in a supermarket that comes close to any of this.
I am so happy the market is back again for all of us to enjoy.

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Anna said...

Yay farmers' markets in the summer. I love just the possibiities of looking at all the food - my response is always "wow, just think of all the yummy things you could make with this!"

Congrats on the new blog!

Oh, and the upholstered chairs weren't sewn - just staped. If you take a desk chair apart, you'll see that it's just a foam cushion and a piece of plywood that the black fabric is stapled to. I just stapled my fabric over the black fabric.