Thursday, June 26, 2008

On List Making, Etc.

I was too lazy to find a better film still from Closely Observed Trains, my all-time favorite film. I love the fact that it was released the same year I was born, 1966. When I first saw this film actually aired on pbs late one Saturday night, I was speechless. It has just left it's mark on me. I can't really say anything else about it. It's one of those things, I guess.

For lack of energy to do anything more productive this evening, I composed a list of my 10 favorite films. The fact that I am fickle and noncommital probably has something to do why I am now feeling guilty for putting such a list in black and white. I suppose they are my favorites though, and I can't change that.

I live for film as much as I live for my books. They were my air before J. was born. They are still vital to my existence. I carry each of these films around with me. I met pieces of my soul upon first viewing. I never get tired of watching them. That is why they are my favorites. As I read over the list, I think aloud, "maybe I have revealed too much about myself." It may sound strange, but those films and what I love about them, define me and the person I am, the "undefineable" others may not see. Oh, I'm rambling again. I am too tired to be writing, but I'm entertained.

Here is my other list...those films that I thought about putting on the first, because I love them, too. They are my close seconds: Annie Hall (Probably should have been top 10. I love it so.)

Mary Poppins, The Graduate, Rosemary's Baby, Belle de jour (Bunuel, je 'tiem...), Star Wars, The Apartment, Xanadu, Earth Girls are Easy, Cry Baby, In the Mood for Love, The Umbrellas of Cherbourg, and last but not least, an odd pick...but such and impact on my heart, Jesus of Montreal.

Yep, that just about covers it. I'm sure I've missed a couple of others...already thinking about Les Triplettes de Belleville. Okay, nighty-night.

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karmabutton said...

i wish i had some of your experiences! beautiful!