Saturday, May 29, 2010


So proud of my girl & I...we almost went an entire year without getting sick.
But it definitely hit us hard this past week. I blame all of the road-tripping, visiting, and late-night creating sessions...but they were so worth it!
Our strep throat & fevers have forced us into some much needed downtime at home. Unfortunately, we are not with the rest of our gang out east in Long Island for this three day weekend! Late this afternoon, we finally began to bounce back a little. I finished-up some easy projects I had laying around-
This simple skirt with a draw-string made from a thrifted DKNY t-shirt:

...And a wide crocheted belt with satin ribbon closure. Totally does not go with the day's attire, but hey- I wanted to share!
I actually made this to belt a white t-shirt tunic dress and another olive
green peasant dress.

Other than that-we've been making lots of movies with my new Flip video cam. I highly recommend light and portable. We love it! My girl has been busy writing lots of short stories and even a play that was supposed to be performed by my family this weekend.
Tomorrow we are off to the beach to rest-up at one of my girl's favorite places.

A blessed & safe Memorial Day to all.

A special thank-you to my Grandpa's youngest brother, my Uncle Richard-whom I never had the chance to meet...He ran away at 15 and signed himself into the service. He died during World War II, when his ship went down. I have a picture of him on my altar. I don't know much about him...I do know he was very patriotic and died for the love of this country.
God bless him...and all who have died in service for something they believed in.

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