Saturday, August 21, 2010

"August creates as she slumbers..."

After all the traveling around here and there and living out of our suitcases this summer,
it has been so relaxing to finally be home for a chunk of time.
We have been enjoying these days as summer (sadly) winds down.
The change in light and the air especially in the evenings is already noticeable.
Here is just a little bit of what we have been up to:

While on a picnic at our very special place...
Not to mention some very exciting outdoor concerts
including KC & The Sunshine Band!

Granny hangers for me & my girl...
A great way to cover those ugly ones from the dry cleaners.
I'm making this one for my future sister-in-law to hang her wedding dress on.
I've been working on a basic shawl in black and adorable shrug for the fall.
I'm hoping to eliminate the confusion I often feel when trying to buy something
to wear during transitional, in-between weather!

Fingerless Gloves & matching headband for a girl who is turning 7
and has a style all her own...She LOVES black, too!

Lots of vegetarian and Indian, as usual... I am very proud of this
Aloo Paratha, which is an Indian flatbread stuffed with potatoes and spices and is
one of my favorite things to eat for lunch.
After many attempts over the past months, I finally have the dough spot on!
(Thank you, KitchenAid.)
I go to my favorite Indian "Auntie" for my virtual cooking classes.
I wish Manjula lived next door to me! I am such a fan.
She is one of those people I would love to just hang-out and cook with, too.
She has taught me everything I know about cooking
delicious homestyle Indian food, my favorite!

I hope everyone is having a healthful, happy, blessed
SUMMER...enjoying each day to the fullest!

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Kristin at My Art and the Mom in Me said...

Sweet picture in mid-dance! KC and The Sunshine Band must have been soo fun!
Enjoying each day in the fullest! I am with you on that!