Monday, August 27, 2012

Summer In the City

I had the blessing of living & learning through
my 30's in New York City.
I lived in Williamsburg, Brooklyn for a year in the late
90's and then moved in with my boyfriend at the time who 
had a beautiful apartment downtown. 
The relationship didn't last,
but my love for NYC did.

Now I share that love with my eight year old, who can't get enough of taking the
ferry or driving over the bridge to get there...
Either way, as long as we go!

Mama/Daughter Mani-Pedis...a good way
to kill time before my appointment to 
get some new specs.

Wouldn't typically gravitate to the Upper East Side, except for the park, Whitney or the Met.
But our dearest family members live there and we have a knack for discovering hidden
treasures up there...Like the garden courtyard 
of All Souls Church. 
There is beautiful energy there and you can easily feel its
welcoming presence.

Nothing like ending the visit with a candlelight
sushi dinner al fresco-style.

Can't wait to go back on Friday for our last Kirtan downtown 
before it's back to school & work.

We've spent a lot of time in the city this summer, more than any other 
and it's all been blessed.

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