Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Before Bed...

Some nights we watch a show together. Sometimes, I put her to bed and rub her back.
Other times we talk, and sometimes, we do a little bit of both.

Tonight, I attempted to read Little House on the Prairie again and 
she still stands firm on her opinion. ("It's boring. Sooooo boring.)
Oh, well. I picked up a reader that the was gifted to us from the local 
Montessori last summer and we decided we'd read about Beethoven.

My oh, my...this girl asks the best questions, "Did he hear music constantly after he 
went deaf or only sometimes?" We were going to listen to "Ode to Joy," but it 
grew late and it was already past her bedtime. I'll put that on the bucket list with 
the cicada research for the summer, along with the gardening and planting 
workshop, which we will accomplish this time around.

Afterward, we read some psalms. Her request. "Let's read the Bible." 
We spoke about God's unconditional love and the power of creation.

I love these quiet times together before bed and I'm so 
grateful that our routine we were so consistent with in the early days
is still (for the most part) in place. 

Sweet Dreams, My Pretty Princess. 

Love, Mama

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