Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Guru Moon and Cleansing

I was telling my daughter this morning "full moons always mess with me," as
I dropped the sugar bowl while trying to scoop a teaspoon into my morning java.
Last night we had the Purnima Moon, which is known as the "Moon of the Guru."
In India, people visit the temples and leave puja in appreciation and
veneration of their spiritual teachers.

The energy of this moon left me feeling very drained yesterday along with where I
am in my cycle, I just had no energy. Later in the evening, I decided our home needed a good smudging, or
cleansing with sage. I had not done it in a very long while. I don't even remember the last time.
All I know is our home has been filled with many different people, especially
when the baby was here. So many beings all bringing their energy
with them and going through the rooms of the house.

The baby brought along the spirit energy of addiction and as he was still
withdrawing, it was a difficult energy to absorb. What it felt like spiritually,
was an intense pressure that entered and could not be relieved. (This is another story
best left for my other blog about fostering.)

While I wafted the white sage smoke through our house room by room, I prayed
continually and I envisioned peaceful energy and angels entering our home
all within white, glimmering light. I told a close friend that the energy in our home would
lift and the heaviness would not be here with the morning
and so this is how it feels on this pretty, rainy, gray morning as I stare out the window
while typing this.

Last night, I took the opportunity of the full moon to meditate and just sit.
I love the feeling of "settling" I get as soon as I sit on the cushion for meditation.
It was a wild ride of a meditation last night. Again, more cleansing.
I know that I am processing a lot this summer and it all runs
through the tape of the consciousness and when it is played itself
through...it is one long "aaaahhhhhhh."

It felt so good to process, feel the feelings, sense them,
acknowledge them, and let them go.
Today, is a new day.

Thank you Guru Moon for bringing the
necessary energy I needed to do a much needed
spiritual cleansing, both inside and out.

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Jojo said...

Thank you for your very sweet note and reading your current post just now was perfect. Today I woke up feeling like I'd been crying for days. I'm sad our summer ended but at the same time so very happy for all of the memories.

While I'm picking up and packing away our memories and projects, today is a good time to cleanse the atmosphere making way for more peace, love and joy. This will make the silence less about the absence of activities and more about peacefulness.

Hugs to you.