Thursday, July 18, 2013

Too Much To Blog About

Not sure where to post life updates or on my other blog about
my experience as a new foster mama.

Right now, there is too much to blog about really. That is, too much personal stuff to share.
It has been the most BIZAAAR-OOO summer and it just feels...not sure there are even words for it.

No trips to beach yet.
A few trips to local parks that are new (to us) to mix it up.
Not much summer reading although I have a stack piled up against my bedroom wall waiting.
This could have had something to do with the baby, ya think?!

Lots of trips to bookstores...the small (favorite) local one and the big corporate one.

Maybe it has something to do with the heat. We have spent a good part of it indoors.
Newborn preemie baby boy.
Reorganizing and re-arranging every nook and cranny of our home. This is something
I've never done before and I'm finding it OH. SO. SATISFYING.

I thought I'd be going all out with visiting gurus who were and are in town. 
Missed a BIG one. I just couldn't get myself there for a number of reasons.

Hoping and Praying to make it to the Ganesha Temple this weekend for 
a special visitor and Indian meal in the delicious canteen, but we'll see if it happens.

Booked two beach vacations for August and am quietly looking forward to them.
Making all sorts of odd iced tea and juice slushees with my magic bullet, which I adore for everything culinary.

Priding myself on not using my stove or oven to make tasty lunches and dinners during this buster of a heatwave.

Enjoying how my girl is loving our little almost two year old neighbor...she teaches him things and 
they splash together in his little pool. Sigh. Adorable.

Lots of yoga as always, but lately I'm re-connecting with my old love Body Sculpting.
Yeah, I want to be Strong. Cut. Super Strong. Healthy. In Super Shape.

This summer has kicked my ass and 
taught me so much so far. 
Yeah, I've seen what I thought were some of my own limits.

Then pushed past them, gratefully.

I'm ready to own my own strength.

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