Thursday, April 1, 2010


Very recently, I have been diving into a pool of research for a new project.
I will give all the details soon. First, I wanted to make a little progress before sharing.
I know you understand.
In the middle of all the research, I stumbled upon a couple of vintage hat websites.
One thing always leads to another and so I found myself revisiting (for my umteenth time )
pill box and fascinator hats of days gone by.
So, I have made two in the past 24 hours.
Talk about diversion...
Here is my inspiration for tonight's pillbox.
What a beauty!
I wish I could find this website again because one hat is more delicious
than the next and there are so many of 'em.
What is it about these hats that give me such delight?

And looky-looky! Let me not forget about my sweet love crochet.
I haven't forgotten about you, Dear.
It's just that you are all about slowing down and relaxing...
and lately I have become addicted to the thrill that is sewing!
But I'll be back for this one soon enough!

Can't wait to show you my hats!
Along with the show, I hope to compile a little list of tutorials and websites
I've found to help & inspire along the way.
I just need to get some elastic now to finish them up.
I know Cub can't wait to model them for me!

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J for Jendetta said...

wow Cyndy!! I am such a fan of those hats!! I can see you rocking them!! so wonderful!