Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spring Sewing

We were in the fabric store and I bumped into this fabric for the third time, so I figured
at $3.00 a yard, it was a good buy.
Owls reading books? What could be better?
A skirt for my girl, of course!
I whipped this up in about an hour and there will be many more for her in the near future.
I'm excited to make all different kinds at all different lengths.
She is expressing a real interest in making her own clothes lately.
Today, she picked-out a t-shirt, a gold iron-on peace sign decal, and
a piece of lace and fabric and declared, "I'm making my own shirt!"
When we got home, I let her pick out where she wanted everything to go and
then I did the final iron & sew.
I am seriously considering signing her up for the kids sewing camp (run by the fabulous Megan)
two mornings a week this summer.
The interest is definitely there,
so why not start her young?
She makes me such a proud Mama...

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