Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spring Sewing 2

I have spring sewing fever.
This warm weather has inspired me to make us both some new clothes.
I have enough of this fabric to make my Cub the same skirt.
Our first "Mother & Daughter" pieces...
I can't wait to wear them together.
This was a rush job.
I'm still learning to measure the waist on the smaller side when using elastic
and to keep the zig-zag stitch fairly short and tight.
I can already tell I will need to sew around it again...Oh, well.

And this is the simplest bag that anyone could ever make...And ya know what?
I love it more than anything.
It is so comfortable, soft, & easy to use.
I think this will end up being my go-to weekend bag.
Give it a try! All it takes is an old t-shirt.

Now to get working on the big sewing project...

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