Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Our Summer Kitchen

The heat and humidity finally seemed to break the past two days...I didn't realize how much
I've missed cooking & creating in our kitchen!
Yesterday, we made this easy Strawberry Refrigerator Jam.
We used organic berries and very little sugar. It's nice and tart and
delicious. Can't wait to put it on my toast tomorrow morning...or later this evening!
I think I'll use this recipe again to experiment with other fruits, too.
Wow, we really can make our own jam without turning our kitchen upside
down with the crazy canning process!
Last week we recieved a kohlrabi in our CSA harvest.
My eastern euro roots must be the reason I love it so much.
It's an interesting cross between a potato and a turnip.
I wanted to try something new and found a delicious recipe over at Farmgirl Fare.
Kohlrabi puree is yummy! I added a red potato and some parsley, too.
For this evening, I'm finally getting around to making Indian Plum Chutney.
We picked up some beautiful red plums on the drive home from upstate last weekend, so
I'm excited to get started. I am loving the idea of plum combined with spices.

Can't take credit for the photo above. Photo and recipe are from
...There have been many homemade popcicles & fruit granitas for dessert.
On a less exotic note, I've been experimenting with making my own healthier versions of the icky foods my girl seems to love and want to eat a lot Chef Boyardee
and Hamburger Helper. Both contain chemicals and tons of suspicious ingredients.
Chicken in the Road has been a great resource for cooking
to the taste of my she has
an amazing story to tell about life on her family farm.

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Kristin at My Art and the Mom in Me said...

it all looks so delicious, that jam especially, I would love to try it!

I have been getting into the kitchen a lot more lately.. I love cooking so much, and the girls love to help.."help", I use the word loosely, lol.. they always make such messes, ha.. but I know how much they enjoy it!