Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Summer 2010 So Far...

A List
1. Grieving
2. Graduations
3. Close-knit time spent with our beautiful family
4. The Try-Out costumes
5. Adventures across the water...Battery Park days
5. And portraits, too.

6. Absolutely shameless Starbucks coffee runs & late-night eats with a certain someone
7. Outdoor movies at night, riverside...
8. Fancy hair salons
9. Mani-Pedi's - Already too many to count!
10. Many meals at our favorite restaurants, like this one.
(Photo taken by my girl!)

11. Westhampton Beach and all the time spent together as a family
12. Fourth of July & a private fireworks display.
13. The most wonderful girl overcoming every fear
of the water and swimming like a fish. This is one of my all-time favorites
of my girl and wonderful brother. So cute together...

14. Making my version of meal planning for summer (Eh-hem- too many restaurants had to end sometime!!). Using this amazing website to make a long list of foods & ideas...So far, so good.
15. Enjoying every morsel of our farm share.
16. Homemade Popcicles- For kids (& some for grown-ups, too!)

16. Lots of crafting, cooking, sewing, indoor camping, picnics,
and a lot of travel in the near future.
17. Both of us joining the NYPL Summer Reading Program.
18. Reading Philosophy & Literature and The Emperor of Scent & loving both!

Still to Come: Camping in the Woods, Vacation Bible School, and a very special wedding.

A Peaceful & Blessed Summer, Everyone.
May you find a little bit of bliss each day.


Jojo said...

Sounds as if you are celebrating summer - just as it should be!!

J for Jendetta said...

I absolutely love this!!