Monday, July 19, 2010

Summer Color

Nothing like the bright colors of summer to make you smile...
Here is Cub modeling the latest sundress I made her. Super easy 'cause
the material was already smocked when I bought it...Just sew up the sides and add ribbon.
I really need to make her another one of these. She loves it so.

While cleaning out the closets, we found a huge stash of playdough.
I enjoy my girl's interesting scuptures!
She calls this her "summer snowman!"

In preparation for our camping trip, I picked up some great reads this afternoon.
Hopefully, I'll finish them by the end of summer!
Enjoying the bright sunlight streaming through the windows.

Leaving for the woods in a few days...
We can not wait!


April said...

ahh! I love you! you are SO sweet, and I'm totally at work right now and supposed to be, ya know, doing my job but i went to check my email and saw your comment and now work is enjoyable! :D thank you thank you thank you!

and you know i love color :) she looks adorable in that dress!

KyungBivo中如 said...
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雅婷雅婷 said...
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Kristin at My Art and the Mom in Me said...

Beautiful dress.. Let me tell you.. I really do need to take a sewing class.. sometimes I feel like me and my friend, the sewing machine, are making progress.. other times I feel like me and my enemy, the sewing machine, are fighting. It is a love/hate relationship.. ha ha..

There are no classes being offered in the town I live in, right now, or non that I have been able to find anyway..

I hope you have fun in the woods! I look forward to hearing about it!