Thursday, August 11, 2011

Just a few highlights of our Summer! So far...

Best. Summer. Ever.

Went on the most amazing, fun, relaxing, beautiful vacation to the shore
with my favorite person...for a week!

Oh, and fell in love with instagram while I was there.
(Separate vacation/instagram post soon to come!)

Me and my other half on the first day in our hotel.

Lots of new and exciting interests and hobbies for both me and my girl.
My cub is taking violin lessons and LOVING it!
She came to me, "Mom, I'd like to play the violin."
And I swooned.
This is my little virtuoso at her very first lesson.

Re-committed myself to 90% vegan diet...10% vegetarian.
I've been experimenting a lot with new recipes and learning a ton...and we've been eating
really well as a result!
Here is a veggie lo mein I made for lunch at Grandma's after shopping at the
local Asian market, H Mart.

Dancing at (still) our favorite picnic spot on SI.

Typical after lunch picnic scene.

Lake Sabago in the Catskills with our besties at the beginning of summer!
My cub swam on and off for FOUR hours. Yup!

It has been a blessed season for us.
So many wonderful adventures with our loved ones by our side.
We couldn't ask for more, really.

And tomorrow my baby turns SEVEN, 7!!!!

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If Curves Could Talk (Stefanie) said...

These pictures are amazing! And yay for Leos!!