Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Day In Our Life: Saturday

We headed back to work and school this week. Overall, it went well. Cub looked exhausted both days when I picked her up in the afternoon. At night while putting her to bed, she told me she had missed me and wanted to go home. I felt similarly during the first day back at work, too.
On Friday, I just stopped for a second...and my mind was not occupied with students, rooms, attendance, lesson plans...and I just remembered, "I have a daughter who is at school today and I miss her a lot. I wonder how she is doing right now?" I don't like being apart from her for so long, but this mama has to pay the bills, so right now there is no choice.
One day, maybe my dream of homeschooling my children will become a reality. I'm hoping it will be after she completes fifth grade, so I have four years to make it happen.

This morning, Cub's violin lesson was rescheduled and we ended up treating our tired selves to Starbucks and pedicures. I love that they are right next to each other. Certainly makes it easier to do the double indulgence thing. Afterwards, we went over to the home of Cub's "bff," which I'll call House of M on this blog to protect their privacy. While the girls played together I took off for the farmer's market sans Cub. There is something I love about buying fresh produce from the market and then going home to cook afterward. I made an Israeli couscous salad with collard greens and carmellized onions. It was delicious. Too bad the Black Bean Brownies were not as yummy. I will no longer use a whole mashed banana plus olive oil for egg replacers. Serves me right for straying too far out from the original recipe. Later, I walked the few blocks between our place and House of M and watched a touching and thought-provoking documentary about a charter school in Harlem, "The Lottery" with S.

Tonight, I am typing from House of M where I'll be watching the kids while my sweet friends; E's parents get to enjoy a night out on the town. So, its pizza, crocheting, and movies with the girls for the duration. Baby M is already sleeping in her mama's bed and Boy M is at a movie night down the block. I love our friends and their big, relaxed, intelligent, kind family. I love that we are friends as well as neighbors and that our kids love each other and are classmates. There are always things to talk about and do together. It is just comfortable with them. We are blessed.


If Curves Could Talk (Stefanie) said...

I love your Saturdays!

Kristin at My Art and the Mom in Me said...

They sound like a great family to know and have in your and Cub's lives.. I wish you both a terrific school year.. always wishing you the best!