Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Vegan Mama

I went vegan the first week in July this past summer and it has been one of the BEST
decisions I have ever made. I have seen the benefits of this way of mindful eating on every level of my being: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. For me, it is the
healthy & compassionate choice and it just makes sense.
For me.

There has been a TON of cooking and baking...but right now, here is some of what
we've been enjoying in random order.
Vegan = the most delicious, healthy meals to create and devour!

Vegan French Toast with Agave and Fresh Berries.
Vegan Lo Mein

The most scrumptious Vegan Berry Muffins, made by my Cub!

Typical Simple Summer Meal: Garbanzo Oat burger with corn on the cob.
Fresh-squeezed lemonade & a salad was also somewhere in there.

Summer Breakfast: Usually consisted of a quick bowl of some sort of organic cereal and organic berries with oat milk, rice milk, or occasionally vanilla soy milk.

Stay tuned for my post about the vegan Rosh-Hoshanna dinner I prepared tonight to take
to my aunt's apartment in the city tomorrow night.
There is usually a lot of meat there...and I wanted to make sure I had something tasty...that I could share with everyone.
I made Stuffed-Cabbage style vegan meatballs and chopped "mock" liver.
Wanted to make sweet potato kugel but I became exhausted after the third hour of cooking
after work.

Here's to good health!


If Curves Could Talk (Stefanie) said...

Looks so good!!

jignesh said...

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Evelyn Chua said...

Oh yummy!!!! I was drooling as I saw your pictures. :) Hehe...

You could try this recipe. It's salicylate and chemical-free! :)