Saturday, December 5, 2009

Just Have To Share The Goodness

When we were growing-up, my grandma had the best vintage snow village I've ever seen. Over the years, and after all the grandkids handling 'em, they began to fall apart. Sadly, I think I only have one of two saved...broken and all.
When I saw Alicia's snow village, I became so nostalgic. She has the most beautiful mantle and the photos of her village bring me so much joy.
I'm tempted to begin collecting houses and churches, but we really don't have the room to store them, they are so fragile, too...and well, there are just other things to focus on.
We'll just add that to the "To Do" list when we have our own house with a fireplace, someday.

( Photo courtesy of Alicia Paulsen.)

In the meantime, I found this awesome Cereal Box Tutorial posted by Bella Dia, one of my favorites. We have a never-ending supply of cereal boxes around here because in my opinion, they are a MUST HAVE for so many reasons...from gift-boxes and bags to journals, bookmarks and photo-albums...The possibilities are endless. I've already begun cutting ours out. I plan to paint them in those wonderful vintage Christmas candy colors and then sprinkle with glass glitter. Hopefully, I'll be sharing these soon.

(Photo by Bella Dia)

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J for Jendetta said...

so awesome!! there are so many great printable houses, would be a fun little make yourself project, so then you won't feel so bad if they go ruined--just make more next year! xoxo