Sunday, December 20, 2009

Twinkle In The Snow

The beautiful snowfall inspired me to make these ornaments last night. I have been eyeing all of the yummy tutorials. But I think this one is nicest for the holidays.
It had been a loooong day and I couldn't bring myself to work on any of the other WIPs I need to finish before Friday. So, a couple of loved ones will receive one of these. I wish I would have made a bunch sooner. They would look so lovely tied to presents.

A lengthy phone conversation with a favorite person afforded me enough time to finally make myself a Yorkshire Cowl. Yipee!!! I wore it out yesterday and was asked where I bought it twice. Hee, hee!
I love this cowl.
Want one in all those yummy colors.
So easy to make and so warm and snuggly.
A special girl in our lives will receive one of these in the color of her choice, too!
I'm so overtired, it's not funny. But I'm having a blast with it all.
Later on, I'll get to relax at the 5:45 showing of Princess and the Frog.
Happy Sunday to you!

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