Monday, December 28, 2009

We're Back...

It was the most perfect Christmas; one filled with family, friends, and a lot of love.
My Beautiful Holiday Memories...
-The cozy, dimly lit rooms of Grandma and Grandpa's house in the evening
-Sharing a bed with Cub in my old room.
-My brother's face when he walked into his party and we all yelled, "Surprise!"
-The crisp, chilly, nights walking up the driveway with Cub, hand in hand.
-Sitting up late crocheting a beret for myself...My grandmother telling me,
"I will stay up with you until you finish. This way, you will always
think of me when you wear it..."
-My Grandmother giving each of her grandchildren and great-grandchild something
special that belonged to her this Christmas.
-The beautiful music my brother played for our family all Christmas day.
-Cub's new silver dress with the big bow in the back.
-A meaningful visit with a special someone...
I am feeling renewed and very blessed after a wonderful holiday spent in Long Island. Now, it's time to rest-up and reflect on the days ahead...And get back to crafting!
Can't wait to make these.

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J for Jendetta said...

we have craft telepathy! check out my new facebook pic! so glad you had a great holiday!