Monday, February 8, 2010

Another Work In Progress

(Sorry about the blur. They can't all be winners! )
There is my baby taking a rare nap this weekend. Hee, hee.
She is such a big girl, really. So, it just makes me giggle with delight that she still sucks her thumb. Sounds funny, right? But it is one of the few glimpses into her "baby-ness" that I still get to enjoy. So sweet...
The work in progress is the wall above the couch.
We had a hemp line hanging on the wall with all her artwork hanging from clothes pins.
We frequently rotated artwork and photos.
Recently, I had the feeling the room needed to be cleaned-up and minimized a bit.
You wouldn't be able to tell from our small apartment, but I really
am a minimalist when it comes to dwelling places and furnishings.
I appreciate neat, stylish rooms on the sparse side.
So, I've been on a mission to frame my favorite pieces of her work
and to do a hodge-podge wall. All the frames are thrifted and/or purchased at the dollar store.
There are about five more frames I need to put together and hang.
Some still need glass, but that is what Michael's is for!
Tonight, using this for inspiration...I've had fun cutting up a light pink cashmere sweater my Grandma gave me about 10 years ago. I haven't had the heart to donate it for obvious reasons, but hey- I hold on to cashmere! It's just too soft not to. I cut the ugly zipper out, cut a new neck-line and have been crocheting around the edges with my favorite Moda Dea (discontinued!) Rave yarn.
I'm planning on topping it all off with a vintage brooch for the closure.
I'll be sharing it real soon.
Love the refashioning oh, so much!
Life is beautiful.

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Kristin at My Art and the Mom in Me said...

I love it!! The frames are just lovely.. they really look so nicely there!
and I do the same thing - about hanging on to their baby-ness.. sometimes when Allison does something that triggers a memory of when she was even smaller.. I will just hug her - and say, aw, you're still my baby!! tee hee... even in the way she sometimes cry.. there is this particular face she will make every now and then, that, I swear is the exact face she would make as a little tiny baby.. just an expression that I can't even explain.. aaahh...they always will be our babies, won't they?