Friday, February 19, 2010

Our Lovely Week

How gorgeous is this Paper Chandelier?
Love it so much, it hurts!
Something about this photo just makes me feel good, too.

Our week off has been a combination of being silly busy and having some real relaxing down time...(buble-baths included!):

1. Short family vacation out on Long Island including a beautiful Valentine's Day!

2. Lots of out-to-dinner with friends.

3. Important tasks and errands were completed...finally!

4. I actually watched THREE films, too: Beowulf (EXHILARATING! And one of my new favorites), An Education (STYLISH & GORGEOUS), and L'Appartement (French, 1996- SEXY/QUIRKY/COOL). Yep, I loved them all...a lot! Before this lovely week is over I will finish Precious and Food, Inc. Can't wait...

5. Tons of crafting & creating: Finished some WIPS, lots of cute t-shirt recons, fabric dyeing,
some crochet for Craft Hope. I also attended a sewing fundraiser for Haiti...and did way too much thrifting! Currently working on Cub's "Miss Mary Mack" dress!

6. Finally have taken the two month pledge. Excited!
There are three more days of fun planned including a brunch date at Alice's Teacup in nyc.
I think I'm more excited than Cub!
I will have to get batteries for my camera so that I can share pics of everything soon.
And I wanted to leave you with a really cute t-shirt recon by one of my favorite crafty gals, Whitney. This pillowcase tut is so practical and adorable. I've already made one for little girl and she loves its softness and the graphic isn't too shabby, either (vintage Muppets).

And let me not forget the best #7: My Cub has been busy drawing & making her books, using her new electric pencil sharpener to its fullest capacity...and making animal puppets! Thanks to the beautiful Kristin for that amazing puppet-making kit. We love you!!

Yes, we have been busy bees here! It has been a really fun week together.

Blessings, Everyone.

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