Monday, March 1, 2010

An Early Refashion

Today was supposed to be the day that I received the email from Wardrobe Refashion
explaining to me how I could link to their site and post my (re)creations.
I never received it. Whaaaaa! I've been so excited. I sent Nikki an email, so hopefully we can figure it out soon!
This was the first refashion I was going to share- so here goes!
This was a pink cashmere sweater my grandmother gave me a loooooong time ago.
It is from her favorite store, Lord & Taylor.
I haven't really worn it much in the last five years or so, but I've kept it for
its sentimental value.
Then I found a link somewhere about refashioning sweaters and trimming
cardigans with crochet, etc.

And so I gave it a whirl!
This was the first of a few sweater refashions.
I started out by cutting off the zipper. Then I crocheted all the way around the sweater. I used my wonderfully discontinued "Rave" Cache yarn, too!
I'm pretty happy with it. I closed it with a vintage pin and wore it
to church on Sunday.

There you have it!


Jojo said...

That is beautiful! What a great re-fashion!!!

Kat said...

Beautiful! You are so talented.

April said...

hey! this is cute!

and no i haven't seen 'Sequins' but it sounds like something I'd love! I actually JUST got back from seeing a french film tonight :D

Kristin at My Art and the Mom in Me said...

I LOOVE IT!!! :)