Monday, March 29, 2010

Practical Sewing

My fabric stash is growing and slowly taking over an entire corner of my room!
So, in attempt to curb my appetite for fabric--I have put myself on a fabric "diet" of sorts.
I can not, will not, spend over $5.00 a yard...and so far, I've been able to
find some pretty great pieces for next to nothing.
I made this Phoebe Bag with fabric I found at a local thrift shop.
It was fifty cents for half a yard...The lining was the same price. Wow!
Out of the three bags I've made so far, this is my favorite.
I think it will get a lot of use this summer, too!
Thank you, Rebeka for this beautiful, free pattern.

And I am pretty happy with this refashion.
Originally, this was a very old white cotton shirt from India that I barely wore.
I really liked it...I just don't think I ever "felt" it in that way.
Well, I cut off the long sleeves, dyed it Pearl Gray (Rit) and made some pretty flowers
to bring it up to date a bit...and here she is!
I love it and can not wait till it warms up again to wear it belted.
I had fun yesterday dipping all kinds of textiles around the house into the pretty gray soup! Now I have pillowcases to match the duvet I made. (I still need to show and tell that one.)
I've discovered that the liquid Rit dye is way better than the powder, btw.
After many strange results, I will only be purchasing bottled dye in the future!

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