Saturday, March 6, 2010

Sewing Inspiration: Fairytale Fashion Show

I get so refreshed & excited when I find something from the fashion world that
reflects a sense of originality & true creativity!
I found the lovely photos this morning via Craftzine.
Super exciting and relevant to me because the Fairy Tale Fashion show happened at Eyebeam, an innovative organization I worked closely with while at my old school in the city.
I was teaching Media Studies at the time and ran a Creative Technology after-school program for student artists.
I am so happy for Eyebeam. They are expanding & growing and are at the center of so many great things. I keep reading about them everywhere, it seems!
Check out their amazing website 'cuz they truly are on the cutting edge.
Anyway- I was so inspired by these photos.
I love each piece of clothing for its detail, craftmanship and for this specific fashion show, use of technology!

Love the sleeves on this Origami Jacket.
This Cameo Halter has an electric wire running through it with the controls hidden inside the cameo. How cool is that? I would wear that in a second.
Where I would wear it is the question!
I am going to make a shirt like this without the wire. A big red velvet choker, super-size cameo and beautiful tulle trimmed with ribbon. Yup. That's it!
This is so ethereal & futuristic. Love it.

This is the Twinkle Skirt.
Apparently, it has very tiny lights inside the apron-style skirt.

And here is my personal favorite...The gorgeous Balloon Dress!

You must watch this video for the sheer beauty of it.
I know you will be inspired, too!
Here's to the visionaries who are working with fashion as the medium it truly is--
an art form as well as an expression.
Happy Weekend, Friends!


J for Jendetta said...

SO so lovely!! Your connection to eyebeam is so bizarre because I just stumbled upon them because tattfoo and jay weichun are going to be part of an urban gardening event happening soon...which has led to my discovery of the fascinating eyebeam and potential future projects!! You inspire me lady! xoxo

Heliotrope Tree House said...

Ah, yes--Flower Bomb. I've heard...I wonder if they took that title from the expensive perfume! LOL!

Kristin at My Art and the Mom in Me said...

really stunning pieces!! Definitely not for anyone who wants to be a wallflower! I feel like I have walked off the face of the earth with all of my free time spent with learning the ins and out of my sewing machine! I did what you said, went to the library and checked out a bunch of books! I went to the library just this afternoon to trade in a stack of sewing books, for another stack of sewing books.. and I actually found one with patterns inside of a pocket in the book.. I think I might attempt my first pattern! I don't know though, I will see if I have enough material.. I have really just been practicing with my stitches... ha.. wow, sorry, this was long! :)