Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Refashion For Her

Not the greatest photos, but you will get the idea.
I've begun to fill an enormous box with the clothes Cub has outgrown or just does not
wear for whatever reason. She never wore this straight Levi jeans skirt and I thought it was worth saving. So, I cut a shirt that no longer fit her and sewed it to the bottom half of
the skirt. To cover the quicky cut & sew job, I sewed ruffled eyelet trim around.
I know she really likes it 'cuz I gave it to her last night
and she put it on this morning.
Boy, have a become a pro at not saying everything that is on my mind this year!
My brain was screaming...You TOTALLY can not wear clashing floral patterns!!!!!
But of course, I told her, "nice outfit" and "great job!"
I'm just so happy she is enthusiastic about dressing herself these days.

Here is the lumpy-butt back view. She actually wore her long floral shirt outside the skirt today, but it covered the ruffle trim, so I hastily tucked it in right before I took the photo for y'all!
"Come on, Mom! Hurry up!"

You get the idea, that's the main thing.
I absolutely love sewing clothes for children.
I could do this all day long...


Tracy said...

Very cute skirt!!! I know it's hard to bite our tounges sometimes, isn't it? I usually fail when it comes to my 5 yo son and picking his own clothes!

Kristin at My Art and the Mom in Me said...

She is so amazing.. you are such a lucky Mommy! And you are so my sewing inspiration..look at what you can do! :)