Sunday, March 14, 2010

I Love the Rain

Love the fact that the rain allowed me a little bit of extra-crafty time I wouldn't
normally indulge in over the weekend.
Finally picked-up the much needed parts for my sewing machine and she's working like a dream.
I was able to finish up those pesky t-shirt refashions that have been hanging around a while, too.
Today, after church, lunch & the movies...We ran into JoAnn's to pick-up a chain for a project I'm completing tonight and I just happened to run into these gorgeous
fabric remnants. They are home upholsteries that are being discontinued. Normally $36.00 a yard- I purchased three of 'em for $2.00 a piece. They are thick & lovely.
I see some adorable make-up cases, pouches, & wristlets in their future!

This ruffled-crochet bib necklace was a lot of fun to make and took no time at all.
I plan on making more of these with a fun twist- each layer a different color and maybe using a combo of ribbon & chain. Ah, the possibilities.
Can't wait to wear this...maybe tomorrow!

I hope this weather is going to hang around just a little bit longer.
I'm not ready for full-on sunlight through 7pm.
I think I'm one of the strange ones that does not appreciate daylight-savings at all.
I love my evenings-the earliler they begin, the better.
Have a great week, Friends.

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Tracy said...

I'm right there with you on the daylight savings time. I grew up without it, so it is still weird to me!

Love the necklace!