Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Things

Seems like I buy a new tote bag with each coming of Spring.
With frequent trips to the green market and random last-minute outings they are so useful and convenient. I think the beautiful weather combined with scoring some gorgeous, inexpensive fabric at a local thrift shop was the perfect combination here.
This fabric is soft and lovely. It is a vintage cotton, but it has a very subtle sheen to it and it is a bit thicker than most. I adore it...and I purchased a yard for 50 cents. Yes, 50 cents!!!!
I used this Vintage Fabric Tote tutorial for a quick sew.
This is great for a beginner as the directions are straightforward & easy to understand.
I was especially happy to cut-up that pesky sheet I was no longer using and had been hanging around the donation corner for way too long! It made the perfect lining for the bag.

And a peek inside...
Look who finally has little sewing labels.
Yay, Me!
Too many friends and relatives have told me they would love a label
inside what I have made them.
I thought it was a good idea. I decided to stick with Candy Buttons, too. Although, I have another name in mind for a side ("company") project I'll be working on this summer.
We'll see...
Cute, no?

Here is an extra something that made me smile.
On Monday I wore the new crochet necklace I made to work
and it made me very happy!

Happy Weekend &
A Blessed Spring to


Kat said...

I am trying that tote bag too. It came out so cute and you're right it looks fairly easy. I love the necklace. You're creativity always amazes me.

Jenny said...

Beautiful tote. What did people in your office say about your creativity. It is beautiful.

Kristin at My Art and the Mom in Me said...

OMG! The necklace is gorgeous, I would wear it in a heartbeat of a heartbeat!! And the tote? Gorgeous! I made my first tote last week, for a friends birthday. She loved it, but I told her not to put anything to heavy in it, as I am not sure of my stitches just yet. ha.