Thursday, April 2, 2009

Keeping It Natural

It's difficult to think about celebrating spring when our allergies are on full blast over here.
Funny, Easter has never been a holiday that I craft or decorate for. I don't exactly know why, but I figure the allergies have a lot to do with it. All I'm doing lately is taking lots of medicine, inhalers, and herb teas so that I may at least breathe comfortably.
Lately, I have noticed the traditional Easter egg dying kits popping up here and there.
I figure, that's an easy and fun activity for us to do together.
Then we'll have some more fun with a little egg hunt. It's a nice tradition. One I would like to continue to share with Cub. Two things have been holding me back a bit: The fact that we never eat all of the eggs and of course, the dye. I have been thinking about natural dye alternatives and so I was thrilled this evening when I discovered a great post on Natural Dye for Eggs by Make It From Scratch.
Now, I'm thoroughly inspired!
I think we'll be brewing up the following with ingredients we always have on hand:
Tumeric= Yellow
Pickled Beets= Pink
Grape Juice=Purple
Brown (?)=Coffee
I just might have to cheat a bit, though. I have a thing for that lovely sky/robin's egg blue color that comes in the dye kit. It was always a favorite. I think I'm going to buy a packet of Kool-Aid for that one!
Can't wait to play next Saturday. I'll post the results, too.

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