Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Some Windowsill Love...

Since I was bit by the gardening bug right after Cub was born, and we have never
had a proper yard to create a nice space...I've decided to take matters into my own hands and do some creative problem solving.
I have been planning for months and now the time has come, tah-dah!
-To plant our very own WINDOWSILL GARDEN!
We are very excited. I have done my homework as far as the herbs...and today
there was this awesome link (via Craftzine) on how to grow your own wheatgrass by
Design Mom. Not only is wheatgrass healthy to drink (yum!), it looks downright gorgeous, too.
I love the idea of snipping some of my own herbs for all of the fresh & healthy food I plan on preparing during the warmer months ahead. So economical too, as herbs can be costly and they never seem to last that long, either.
(photo courtesy of design mom... )
Today marks the beginning of ten blissful days of vacation. Planting our windowsill herb/wheatgrass garden is first on a long list of plans for the days ahead. Tomorrow, after an early breakfast, we will hit-up our neighborhood chain store for the pots, seeds and soil, then we will get to planting. I think I will let Cub paint and embellish some of the pots, too.
Our kitchen window is perfect...plenty of sun and plenty of room on a
perfect window ledge.
I found lots of great information online for planting the potted herbs.
I'm planning: basil, chives, oregano, and lavender.
I'm on the fence about parsley and I don't care for rosemary in food.
We do use the oil in Cub's homemade shampoo recipe.
Any good resources or suggestions as we embark on our first gardening experience?

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Kristin at My Art and the Mom in Me said...

I hope you enjoy every single second of your vacation!!