Monday, April 20, 2009

Mountains of Goodness- Part II

Before we get too far away from Easter- I just wanted to share our sweet morning;
which started out with some banana waffles. This recipe is so easy and really delicious. My waffle maker has been very busy on weekend mornings lately. I served them with melted butter and powdered sugar.

Cub was blessed to receive two Easter baskets-One store-bought. I couldn't resist
The Golden Books. That pokey little puppy was a huge hit. The candy was thrown away when she wasn't looking. Except for the Bottle Caps, which I found half eaten behind the couch.
The other basket was filled with some homemade goodies from Mama and a new paint set.

Here is the dollhouse furniture I made for her. I just took some small cardboard boxes, painted them, then covered them with various papers.

Here is a blurry photo of the finger puppets. They really came out cute-too bad you can't tell from this. There was a red-eyed rabbit, a blue bird with an orange beak, and a yellow chickie.
She really loved all of her handmade gifts and played with them all morning.

There's nothing like making gifts for my girl!


Jojo said...

The Banana Waffles sound mouth watering! Time to pull out the waffle iron!!!

J for Jendetta said...

everything came out wonderfully!! and i want some banana waffles now too!!

Kristin at My Art and the Mom in Me said...

My, I had some reading to catch up on! What is with this tooth extraction? I hope you had a quick recovery! You sound like me throwing out the candy in the Easter baskets.. My mother-in-law and a few friends gifted the girls with lots of candy in their baskets.. I just, while they are distracted by toys..I am distracted by getting rid of the offending candy, lol.. I mean.. they can have a bit.. but a little bit...some of those easter baskets were pure sugar overload..I just think about their little bodies needing good nutrition and their teeth needing to be strong! Eeek!

banana waffles.. that sounds soo yummy.. There is this diner nearby (here in NC) that makes some super yummy banana pecan pancakes.. I think you just set off a must-do while we are here..! OOh! Can't wait!

Jojo said...

I left an award for you on my blog. Please stop by.