Thursday, April 16, 2009

Vacation Luvs...

-Sleeping late and very lazy mornings.
-Working out EVERY day and feeling strong.
-Board games and tea in the evenings with my girl.
-Fun pizza and movie afternoons with Cub and friends.
-Treating ourselves to (perhaps too many) meals in restaurants so
Mama gets a break from cooking and cleaning.
-Coffee runs before jumping and playing in our new favorite park.
New favorite spring shoes for Mama (luv, luv, luv!!!!)
What's not to love about purple espadrilles made out of recycled rubber
and organic cotton?
Not much!
We are enjoying every minute of our vacation. We've been just the right amount of busy, too; the happy buzz-along has been the perfect pace.
Hopefully, it's off to Philadelphia tomorrow!

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