Saturday, April 4, 2009

To Health

So far, this spring has been one of the worst allergy seasons for me in like ten years. Seriously.
I have all of those terrifying symptoms back again, too-ranging from (what I know is now called Oral Allergy Syndrome) throat swelling to chest tightness and asthma. My appetite has been funny, too. I'm afraid to eat certain foods because of the OAS-which is basically when foods cross-trigger allergic reactions. I am on more medicine than I am comfortable with and I am still not symptom-free by a long shot. It just really sucks.
I recently watched the documentary The Beautiful Truth, which expanded
upon and brought home many ideas I already believed in. What an incredible film. But you must be open to receive the message believe in a new way of thinking about healing the body.
The Food:Health connection just makes sense to me.
So, I've decided to baby my body. Maybe if I treat it exceptionally well and ever-so-delicately, it will be nice to me and start to function normally again.
Tonight I decided as a little experiment-I would do about 90% of my weekly grocery shopping in the health food store. Yikes. I knew I was most likely going to go over my weekly food budget, but it wasn't terrible actually. I went over about $30.00-but I did buy extras including coffee, homeopathic allergy meds, and honey.
On the plus side: I was able to shop the awesome bulk food section which allowed for small purchases of yummy snacks like crystallized ginger, carob chips, and pumpkin seeds.
When I arrived home I was wondering if it is really worth it. Yes, it did cost a little more- and I still need to buy paper products, but if we feel better, if we get better than overall, it is a small price to pay.
Here's to our health, Everyone.
It is so very precious.

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Kristin at My Art and the Mom in Me said...

Aaww.. I am soo so so sorry to hear what you are going through! I have never heard of Oral Allergy Syndrome!
I hope the "recipe" your grandfather gave you really works for you!!