Saturday, April 18, 2009

Mountains of Goodness: Part I

This vacation has been so wonderful that I've hardly noticed the emergency
tooth extraction, the pain, and the unexpected "recovery" time I would need...Like any wounded Earth creature, I ended up just wanting to be close to home, spending time
with my sweet girl and our dear ones, getting into the season of spring together.
Thus, I cancelled our travel plans and just settled into being here
and being in these moments.
This time has made me realize even more how blessed we are
and how much goodness surrounds us.
I have so much joy to share from the precious days we've spent together.
I'll start with today, and work my way back...
Take a look at this proud Mama's windowsill!
This was so much fun for the two of us. From the nursery to the actual planting, Cub was completely immersed in the entire process. She loved it. May it be the first of many planting experiences for her.
What a simple sweetness we've gifted ourselves with...fresh herbs at our fingertips added to all of our meals. I went with our favorites and have already used the chives!
Later in the afternoon, we finally got around to painting those rocks we had collected on a beach picnic earlier in the week.
There is nothing like the pure color of paint in a palette.

Our buddies downstairs and their Mama joined in the fun, too.

I took the liberty of embellishing some of their solid rocks with
spring flowers.

I wish these days never had to end.


Jojo said...

I am so behind on blog reading so I must have missed the tooth story but congratulations on having some vacation time. It looks like you and Cub had some great times!

Kat said...

This sounds like how I spend my vacation from school too and I loved every minute of it..

J for Jendetta said...

so lovely!! as per usual we are on similar wavelengths!!