Sunday, July 5, 2009

The 5th of July

This weekend really marked the beginning of summer for me.
We finally had some beautiful weather. It was such a lovely, relaxing summery-style weekend.
Yesterday was spent bbq-ing with family until sundown with lots of great food and company.
This was the first year we did not watch the firworks "in person." By the time we returned home it was all about watching the hoopla unfold via television with the lights out.
It was quite the extravaganza and Cub clapped after each song/display. Today, we just enjoyed
the gorgeous day in the comfort of our own backyard with the best neighbors anyone could ask for. I love all the nuances of summertime light and shadows.

This pool is just perfect for the kids.

Are they cute or what?

And of course Mama has been steadily crocheting throughout these early, lazy days of summer.

I've made several tawashis for family and friends the past few days. They take just a few hours and are so much fun to make...not to mention quite addictive!
Next up, this adorable crocheted cupcake gift box.
I'm loving every minute of these days spent with Cub, unwinding, creating, and just being.
Summer, we welcome you with open arms!

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J for Jendetta said...

I have been a tawashi nut and also giving them away. They are so relaxing and useful! I find that the Sugar and Cream spools make exactly two. I miss you. We MUST craft soon! xoxo