Tuesday, July 14, 2009


With my two favorite girls...

The crowd made it difficult to see the Can-Can dancers...but they walked right passed us on their way off stage. Unfortunately, I was digging through my bag for something and missed the shot. Poo.

The highlight of my day, believe it or not. I am a macaron freak! They are absolutely impossible to find on Staten Island...in spite of three french bakeries and one gourmet cafe/bakery/restaurant. Shame on all of them, really!
Besides the dancers, this was the other (REAL) reason we came to the festival. They were selling straight from being Fed Ex-ed from France! Wow. The line was insane. There were so many cool varieties it was so difficult to choose: Green tea, Vanilla Bourbon, Creme Brulee, Figue, Pastachio, Dark Chocolate, Caramel, Violette, Lime, Rose...and many others.
I wanted to try one of each...but their inflated price tag made that impossible...almost $2.00 per cookie. My sweetest friend treated me to a half dozen and I felt spoiled beyond belief.
I think Cub is now hooked on 'em, too. Uh-oh.

Thought I'd show off one of my new "no-sew" cardigans. Already received two compliments today. Hee, hee. I love being able to say, "I made it," even though it's kinda cheating with the no-sewing and all. I bought all the material to make my daughter's costume for her performance this weekend. Instead of sewing it at 2am, I was making shrugs and necklaces out of t-shirts.
I'm addicted.

I'm afraid to say it...the t-shirt panties may be on their way.
But this girl does not show her undies...not even on the hanger!
Hope you are having fun during these blessed days, as well!


Kat said...

I love macarons too and even with no sewing those cartigans are cute!!! It sounds like a wonderful day. You really sound like you are enjoying the summer and making the most of everyday. I love hearing about it. We did have a blast at Disney. Exhausting, yes but my girls smiles and giggles made it all worth it. The biggest money saver for us was the meal plan. This includes 2 snacks, a quick meal and a sit down each day you are there. We paid for breakfast at the all star resorts which are on Disney. The resorts are not fancy but nice enough and we barely spent any time in the room so that's another money saver. This includes buses that go to the parks every 20 minutes. Email me with anything else your curious about. I'd love to share.

Kristin at My Art and the Mom in Me said...

The no-sew cardigan! Bestill my heart - a project I can do, LOL!! And I love your shirt - soft serve ice cream, my favorite!